Plane carrying Algeria hostage survivors and dead arrives in Japan


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Arigato! RIP.

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To all those who came back: otsukaresamadeshita.

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The government has so far refused to identify those who died

They didn't work for the government, and moreover, is there as absolute need to publicly identify them? The danger is more media circus hounding the families to get more stories like........

the sobbing elderly mother of one man struggling to come to terms with the loss of her son less than two years after the March 2011 tsunami swept her husband to his death.

Please, let them grieve in peace!

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Very very sad for the family and friends of the victims. I wish those folks peace. We need to be greatful for our lives and the loved ones around us.

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They knew the risk operating in a hostile environment. Big money + Hostile Enviroment = BIG GAMBLE

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Whiskey even though that may be true, this is not the time for your type of comments. RIP Japanese dudes

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It's helpful to publicly identify those who died since there may be those who knew a victim but may not know they worked for this company and/or aren't in contact with the person's family. They may also want to send condolences, visit, pray etc.

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VERY SAD, More victims of the US war on terror? ; I hope that the Japanese government on behalf of it people asks the US government to explain,(and what hasn't been reported in mainstream media yet ) is that Mokhtar Belmokhtar — said to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attack by the Islamist al-Mulathameen (Masked) Brigade was recruited and trained by the CIA in Afghanistan. He was an “Afghan Arab” recruit from North Africa and fought with the CIA and Pakistan ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) Mujahideen that would later splinter into al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

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So sad and indeed unusual that so many Japanese died. Very very unusual...

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Very sad to have this happen.

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Whiskeysour ------that's an awful thing to say. Brave individuals welcome home. RIP to those that couldn't come home. Condolences to their families.

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Japanese and Filipinos both have lost their lives. RIP fellow engineers....

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What a sickening comment ,whisky sour. Yes, they are paid well for working in such places and for good reason. If skilled experts like these weren’t paid top money to go to such hosile places, the plants would not operate, the gas would stay in the ground and the world economy would grind to a halt - after experiencing an explosion of prices caused by global shortages. The one benefit in all that is that you wouldn’t be able to post your smug comments from the comfort and safety of your home. Rather than condemning people who are only doing a job you should be directing your anger at the terrorist filth that considers it an article of faith to murder defenceless civilians in cold blood.

Craft ledger - no, not victims of the US war on terror. Victims of terrorist scumbags who will one day come knocking on YOUR door. Another sick comment in a tragic situation.

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paitonboy - Yes, it is very sad for the families, relatives & friends of the victims of terror. Secondly, they are related to the US war on terror, as the "Terrorist Scumbag" as you quoted was supported and trained by the CIA! and was resonsible for the act of terror that killed 30+ victums. Thirdly - I agree that they were "Victims of terrorist scumbags who will one day come knocking on YOUR door." And like what happened in Algeria, this type of act could happen anywhere at anytime. That is why the question must be raised to the US Government - to make them accountable for the "terrorist scumbags" that they allowed to "Go off their radar" and do these type of atrocities. Last but not least - you should re check the definition of the word 'Sick' . This will make you use the word in the right context...

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