Japan's asylum applications exceed 2014 level

By Thomas Wilson and Ami Miyazaki

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Fake refugees:

More than half of Japan’s asylum seekers in 2014 hailed from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Turkey.


From countries not at war. Turks/Kurds claim asylum but keep voting (we saw them on news fighting in front of the Turkish Embassy) and keep going to Turkey for vacation. Europe is just full of them and no country in Europe will give asylum status to Turks/Kurds. Since Europe require Turkish passport holders to have a visa to travel there, they are trying Japan and South Korea.

They have been claiming asylum by thousand and working in those Kebab for years. A lot of them went to Supreme Court of Japan after losing many time at court and even after they still try the Letter to Ministry of Justice (last chance). This scam about Kurds/Turks have been going on for years, they have turkish passport, they are turkish citizens.

Just remove Turkey from the list of Visa Waiver Program. There no Turkish tourists here, only people with false claims and wanting to have a kebab shop.

There is no war in Nepal, no more war in Sri Lanka.

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Oh bakayaro, the truth, in our face :) . I guess removing the visa waiver for the Turks would be one way to solve this problem.

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