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Japan's bullet train marks 50th birthday


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probably the only high speed train in the world without a single accident. j-technology at its finest.'

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I'd rather fly. No packed stations to contend with and Japanese airports are the best to get in and out of. JAL and ANA service is tops in the world. Flights are also cheaper from Osaka to Tokyo as well.

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Been using the shinkansen for all of those years ... from the beginning through now ... from Aomori to Kagoshima.

At the beginning there was little around the stations ... but today the areas around them have really grown. I still remember when Shin-Yokohama Station was situated amid farmland. Today can't see any farmland at all in all directions from the station. And I still remember riding almost all day from Yokohama to Tokyo on the old line ... had to stand/sit on the floor more than once making the long trip. The shinkansen changed everything.

Enjoy riding on the shinkansen ... and find it not only a comfortable, fast ride ... but also an exciting one.

And, yes, I also fly to various destinations in Japan. Enjoy both forms of transportation ... both in the air and on the rails.

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As a 9-year old in Scotland, I heard about the Shinkansen and its incredible speed. It was a great symbol of the modern world. I was still as excited 16 years later when I got to travel on one for the first time. And after 15 years of regular business trips on the Shinkansen, I still found it wonderful.

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I always take the shinkansen for long distance domesti trips, I cant stand flying. Door to door the travel times are a lot shorter for most trips owing to the central locations of the stations, airplane trips almost always require a lengthy commute to the suburbs (except Fukuoka). Plus the trains run way more often, you dont have to book in advance, don`t have to go through security, etc etc.

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From Kansai (Shin-Kobe)

sightseeing in Kagoshima

hiking near Dazaifu

etc, and back again, on the same day.

On a JR rail pass at the time. You're limited to the Hikari and Kodama if using the Shinkansen. Hikari is still fast enough to travel long distances quickly. If you plan to come here for sightseeing, I certainly recommend it. It's very cheap and convenient.


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Congratulation bullet train !

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Hard to believe that more other countries haven't copied it in that time.

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Congratulations on a sensational 50 years, Bullet Train. I still get goose-bumps when one flies through at full tilt when Im standing on the platform! My local one has a car with a foot-onsen which is always nice bonus - as is the alcohol service which many salarymen indulge in their eye-opener from 10:30 AM! All the best for 50 more years.

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Use it every day, literally.

The single best thing about Japan, by miles....

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I believe Japan's Bullet Train system and design is best in the world.

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I agree with Kobuta

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Happy 50th to the Shinkansen.

If you have never tried it, go to a station where the express Shinkansen only passes through and go to the home (platform). You can watch as the Shinkansen flies by at top speed only meters away. It is worth the 150 yen platform ticket.

Here is a short YouTube video of my experience.


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Congratulations on your 50 years.. I got to experience riding the shinkansen train to and from Osaka and Tokyo when I came to watch Summer Sonic in both cities. I also toured long distance places through this train and it was really an amazing experience. I hope we can have the same train in my country.

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