Japan's cat island finds purr-fect solution to food crisis


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There are no crows>

Of course there aren't. I doubt there is much avian life there at all, the cats scoffed the lot.

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“There’s so much of it now we can’t store it,” he added. “We’re asking people to stop sending donations. But the cats couldn’t be happier.”

If possible, how about sharing some of them with humans facing severe food shortages?

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“There are no crows, no dogs, no bikes, no cars,” How sooo Japanese - if I can't see it or don't want to see it, it doesn't exist. What about other wildlife such as reptiles, frogs, other birds... (I'm sure there are plenty of cockroaches, though)? There must be total silence except for Meow Meow Meow (so no total silence either). These cats would have killed just about anything that moves. But, if they have so much food now, let's round up ALL the cats in Japan and send them!

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Well, at least the headline reads "finds" and not "is".

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more food = more cats

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^ Cats rule, JT commenters drool.

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they should send all cats in shelters from japan to that island , also , if they cannot find more food just send the unused whale meat, Win-Win situation!

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I thought the headline meant they were going to turn the cats into food and feed it to people.

Lots of people starving in Japan and they are worried about feeding a bunch of feral cats?

Let them learn to fish!

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The cats are full, the world couldn't be happier. In the meantime, last week some hundreds of people died in bomb attacks around middle east, or downed in the Mediterranean trying to cross to Greece. In Africa they died of hunger. But yeah, the cats rule that island and thanks to the donations they have a full belly. Heiwaboke.

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This makes me happy! I have always been kind to "feral cats"! THe ones in Afghanistan were very friendly! They are "feral"... but, they also understand the relationship that all cats have with "humans"!

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Rename it to flea island

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Don't feed them. Teach them how to fish.

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