Japan's May jobless rate improves to 4.4 percent


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If it's an improvement, of course it's good. But still this figure doesn't include the underemployed, people who work a few days a month, of whom there are many many many. Treating workers as disposable commodities ultimately leads to social discontent and economic stagnation.

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so many japanese go suicide coz of many promblems,job,caring,sickness,relations with bf or gf so many reasons this year 3600 up rate in tv news.why this country so many stress compared my mother country so expensive and many bills ,a 1 month salary goes for 1 day payment how painful to say and its true.

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Stats are misleading. More than one-third of the entire workforce in Japan are part time. Most companies benefited from holding down labor costs by increasing the use of part timet workers. Most workers do not receive benefits compare to full time workers. Companies think they are fine as long as their company is profitable in the short run. These part time employees tend to be the first ones to be cut and nonregular employees are not under their umbrella.

Most of these low-paid contingent workers living condition is difficult no matter how hard they work, they are in big trouble financially. Whenever their girlfriend starts talking about marriage, they ended up asking, 'can you put food on the table?' Some can no longer think about marriage and children, because it's just impossible. If the issue of unstable employment is left unsolved, Japan will see a great throng of the homeless on the streets.

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Do other countries include those on paid-by-the-hour or part time with no be benefits jobs in their "working" statistics? Its just very difficult to compare when you dont really know the definition of "jobless".

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Regardless of the reason for this stat, if it goes below 4%, inflation will take away the advantage to the workers.

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