Japan's media dismiss Noda's cold shutdown declaration


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I view Mr Noda's good news with the same healthy scepticism as Mrs Coughalot employed when I got home at 3 am the other night and declared I wasn't drunk.

It's not impossible that the declaration is a deliberate lie, but if not, it is optimistic to the point of folly.

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Here here, at least the Asahi Shimbun has some sense to know what's what. Their not taking PM Noda's words as Gospel thank goodness.

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Wouldn't it be nice if the New Year started with someone, anyone, with some kudos in Japan standing up and shouting out loud what a crock of shite this all is... the Emperor? Ichiro? Michael Woodford? Kitty chan? Mickey Mouse? Smap? Anpanman? Lady Gaga?.... (that's in reverse kudos order)

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"The IAEA welcomes the announcement by the Government of Japan that the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station have achieved a 'cold shutdown condition' and are in a stable state, and that the release of radioactive materials is under control."

It seems like IAEA is also very optimistic.

*IAEA = pro-nuke (they promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy)

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Finally, the sheep dare to speak out!! I bet half the nation is saying "shyoganai" at this.

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Is Amano Yukiya Japanese? Sounds like it.

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IAEA is not a credible institution as long as Amano keeps tarnishing it's name. He's just trying to smokescreen the corrupt NISA by defiling other institutions as well.

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What's with all the 'first aid' metaphors? If there's any medical analogy to be drawn here I'd say that the reactor is like a patient in critical condition who's been stuck in the ambulance with the usual Japanese ride-along people who aren't qualified to do anything, and after several rejections was finally accepted to a hospital. Now that the 'patient' is in the hospital s/he's been transported to the ICU where the pediatrician on call is scratching his head and wishing he didn't draw the short stick for night duty rotation and thinking that tomorrow it'll be someone else's problem.

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Great... Now this is what I can say a good informative report compared to the previous one.

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Wow, a rare case of the media fighting back against the official line. More of this in the future Japan, please. :)

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Japan's media dismiss Noda's cold shutdown declaration

Prime Minister Noda had to say this before the end of the year because it was promised, and to not fulfill this would be a severe loss of face, requiring all the usual mumbo-jumbo "deeply regrettable" and "doing our best to regain the public's trust" comments.

If Noda is even going to have the staying power of most PMs since Koizumi, which means about a years' service, he cannot provide more ammunition to his detractors in the opposition parties. (In fact, the DPJ is already heading towards relegation to second-party status in the not-too-distant future, IMHO.)

Any reasonably intelligent, informed Japanese or concerned foreigner knows that the Fukushima incident was worse than reported, and will take much more time and money to deal with in the coming decades than the government and TEPCO have stated thus far.

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