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Japan's new passenger plane completes flight to U.S. on third attempt


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What happened in the first two attempts?

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Go, Japan!

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3 days to go to USA from Japan, better take boat. Good luck but competition is very higb.

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still has a way to go to catch up to Embraer 1470 orders and Bombardier 850 orders. And even the Sukhoi Superjet 100 which crashed during a demonstration flight in 2012 and killed everybody aboard theyve got 319 orders and delivered 93. MRJ has a fair but of catching up to do.

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After these, these would be cold/snow/ice climate testing. The jet would probably stationed in the North-west territories in Canada for a while and then see if will operate afterwards.

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Concorde is the one to beat.

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Concorde is the one to beat.

a gas-guzzling mothballed supersonic jet too expensive to fly is the answer for short-route flights?

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This aircraft has already been getting a lot of order from US, Europe and Japan. It's selling. Good Luck!

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Air conditioning issues usually means bleed air problems which also means pressurization problems and loss of deicing Pretty major issues

Hope they get those worked out pronto

Aircraft are one area Japan should have kept with in manufacturing. Japan has made some pretty good planes when the designers were challenged to make them.

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I wouldn't worry about Japan catching up. Much like cars and bullet trains they take their time, but the quality will be exceptionally high. They have the know how, the means, the money, the people, facilities, engineering skills, testing equipment and have been part of aeronautical development from commercial to space exploration and even missile guidance technology all the way. What Japan lacks is physical testing outside of labs and computer simulations, but give it time and things like drone tech will also kick in.

Now selling is a separate beast and you need to know who to bribe, top down networking and your country to back you with all sorts of trade offs, political pressure, etc. At least this is for commercial use and not another military endeavour.

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