Japan's pro-Pyongyang Koreans lose patience with media


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perhaps hard to show patience with Paparazzi Press.

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Japan is a free country. Nobody in NK would be allowed to publicly mourn the death of a US president even if it were President Clinton who graciously came there for a photo op with the deceased in order to free an American who didn't belong in NK in the first place. Freedom of speech must be defended or objection to the mourning could become illegal. Papa was a terrible person, but just let it go and concentrate on the next move junior makes.

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i will be blunt: if you love the monster-dictator that just died but left in his place a possible clone, what are you doing here in Japan among so many capitalist pigs? why don't you just go to live in NK?

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"We can seize on this opportunity to help Japan and North Korea save their relations from an utterly unfortunate state and start dialogue as soon as possible.”

So far, that's the most sensible thing I've heard from anyone concerning this matter.

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Basically, a couple of mourners just telling the media to piss off is news to the media.........................

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Chinese and Angolan diplomats were among those who visited, along with Dewi Sukarno, 71, a Japanese socialite, TV personality and one of the wives of the late former Indonesian leader Sukarno.

Ah one of my favorite talentless 'talents' on Japanese TV. They should have tried to interview her instead; she's always willing to talk, albeit mostly about herself, but she certainly wouldn't have turned the media away...

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Pachinko parlors around the nation are closed out of respect.

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I'm just curious: what pro-Pyongyang koreans do in Japan, why they are not in their homeland?

I think most of them are spies...

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To think if Japan had not invaded Korea during WW2, the peninsula would still be unified today.

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@lordmanji: Imperial Japan invaded the Korean peninsula in 1894 duing the Sino(Manchurian)-Japanese war and Japan annexed the Korean peninsula by murdering the Korean late queen in imperial palace in1910! Japan's occupation in Korea has lasted 50 years. the faults of Korean divided into two was due to US/USSR 's planting their proxy leaders in Korea after the demise of Japanese empire!

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noriyasan: "...Nobody in NK would be allowed to publicly mourn the death of a US president ...."

Why would NK people mourn the death of a US president? Do you actually have something to contribute besides the usual hatred?

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