Japan's scrambles against Chinese planes soar


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But there is big diference betveen China and Russia, in Russia there is no big anti-Japan propaganda , nor Japan do any anti-Rusia propaganda, so, this island dispute will be settled with talks, while China, on other hand, has huge anti-Japan propaganda in their country, and now even they want to export that hatred into world , and its certain that they will try to take Senkaku islands with force .

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All this poaching and scrambling - much egg on face.

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Good point Nenad Jovanovic.

"(Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted an invitation to visit Japan, and the two countries will soon start consultations on a peace treaty, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday."

This is in sharp contrast to current China-Japan relations.

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When do adult learn ???????

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The big different between Russia and China is: Russian is much tougher than Chinese, Japan got experience from Russian couple times. So little Japanese keeps quite even if Russia flys bomber circling Japan islands with other 4 islands in hand. Same thing happens on Japan`s father country: US. Japan acts like a cute little girl facing US since 2 boys dropped to the island in 1945. Watch Abe's crazy acting, then u get my point. Really can't help looking down Japan.

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China should try and feed its own people first, then try to respect its other Asian neighbors!!! Most Asuans now, including Japan can not trust Beijing. Very sad!!!

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Sending military aircrafts to generate the other side's attention is a very normal practice of sending 'political messages'! It can make sure other countries do not underestimate the current political situation and making wrong moves!

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The Chinese and Russia make Japanese Government to spend more money on Military. If they don't like Japanese Government spending on defend and then they should not be stalking on Japan.

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I look forward to Japan shooting the intruders out of the sky.

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