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Japan's volcanoes made more jittery by 2011 quake, expert says

By Elaine Lies

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I REALLY hope that they come up with an effective emergency evacuation plan and not just use something they think is good enough. (remember south park?)

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"jittery" volcanoes? lol

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I love the way these 'experts' keep popping up in Japan to state the blatantly obvious. The other day it was an 'expert' telling us that two reactors were in danger cos they were only 20k away from a volcano. Now, we have another 'expert' telling us the massive quake that moved Japan nearly two meters closer to China has created instability in the Earth's crust destabilizing the 80 odd volcanoes in Japan. Thanks for that Einstein!

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I wonder how long it will take for someone to get the volcanoes ash inside a can and into a vending machine.

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Thank you captain obvious!

Anyone with a grade 9 education in Geography will remember their lesson in tectonic plates and how their movement can trigger volcanic activity.

I wish I could get a cushy job spouting out no-brainers for a half decent salary.

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Japan's volcanoes made more jittery by 2011 quake

So have I.

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A note to Wheway : When Mt. St. Helens erupted some students from the University of Washington immediately set out to gather a bunch of the dust which they then 'reformulated' into various 'glass' objects for sale with the obvious notation on them that they came from Mt. St. Helens. Opportunistic guys!

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I place like Japan with a shortage of volcanologists doesn't sound very good, aye.

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The Pacific rim fault lines known as "The Ring of Fire" have been very active over the last few years, however, activity can either signal more later activity or the release of pressure leading to less activity.

Considering the relatively recent trend of more activity over the last few years, it would appear more activity is indicated.

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It wouldn't have been the worst had the government not been so cheap and cut funding to monitor the mountain.

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