Universal Studios Japan to reopen on June 8


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Have fun social distancing there!

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Never been there, but would like to go sometime. But not as long as they require those stifling masks. Not going to happen for me. If I were to wear a mask all day, they would find me collapsed and dying from heat exhaustion and breathing difficulty.

Will the world ever turn sane again?


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At least now wait times and lines will be short.......right?

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Ideal time to go! No Tourists. Will actually be able to get on everything you want in half a day if you get a Fast Pass.

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shogun36: "At least now wait times and lines will be short.......right?"

Highly unlikely. My nieces school friends ALL think the same thing and are planning a trip (some allowed by parents, others not) on opening day. I mean, lots of people thought the same thing about restaurants and what not when they reopened, and those places have been packed to the gills with lip-service social distancing at best. I think a lot of people will go because everyone will think it's the ideal time.

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Now its time for cluster infections in Osaka... Any way, still its not a good decision to make it this early, since the infections are increasing, so it might aid in bombarding the infections in Kansai.

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