Jetstar Japan reprimanded for lax safety checks


Budget airline Jetstar Japan has been reprimanded by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for safety failings.

The reprimand was issued after it was revealed that Jetstar had employed mechanics who did not meet the internal requirement as a chief mechanic.

As a result of the reprimand, the ministry says that the airline -- which started domestic service in July -- will suspend plans to begin flying new routes from Kansai International Airport from Nov 22. The ministry also said that Jetstar's plans to increase flights between Kansai and Okinawa may be affected.

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Hmmmmm..........Great standards all through the rest of the world, but when they plan expanding into new routes to give price competition to the Japanese people, suddenly we have 'safety concerns'.....

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I just checked the other Japanese news sources that somewhat contradict the article posted above. They say that 2 of Jetstar's staff of 15 certified technicians didn't have sufficient number of years of experience, as stipulated by Jetstar's own in-house regulations, and that these two had been carrying out the preflight checks.

News like this can be really damaging to an LCC in Japan at this stage in the game, regardless of how serious the matter really is.

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safety concerns = profit concerns for Japan's two major airlines. shrug off and keep flying high JetStar !

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you want it cheap, you get peanuts.

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japanese bureaucracy enforcing their protectionism practices again...2 staff does not seem ok to check safety (i really dont know) but i dont think they have the same number of flights as jal or ana

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has anyone here actually flown with Jetstar? I have and they were horrible. their pilots were changing altitudes so fast that it caused one passenger's eardrum to rupture on my flight. they also had incredibly lax security procedures when boarding, they took us on a bus on the tarmac and people were just walking around drinking beer the whole time. shut them down.

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I few once and never again , that was in Australia .

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has anyone here actually flown with Jetstar?

Yes. They were brilliant Singapore to Saigon and back. However, domestic within Vietnam was a circus.

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"The reprimand was issued after it was revealed that Jetstar had employed mechanics who did not have the requisite experience..."

Umm... that's not just this industry where Japan hires people who don't have any requirements, just look at politics! But when it comes to immediate safety, I guess it's easier to warn and punish this kind of industry than others. I hope they fix things soon, as the last thing we need are costs shooting up to the usual price-gouging that goes on with aviation.

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Can anyone give me ANY reason at all to fly Jetstar. My only flight was from Brisbane to Melbourne.

The flight was appalling. The attitude of the staff was condescending, they were surly and disinterested. Their "safety" demonstration was done in record time ( for somebody sitting near an emergency exit). I had misgivings because of their youthfulness as well.

The "food" was disgusting.

The flight was 1.5 hours late "due to technical difficulties" on the in bound flight.

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Never flew with JetStar but it was revealed that Jetstar had employed mechanics who did not have the requisite experience and was relying on just two men to complete pre-flight safety checks, TBS reported. I really doubt that I would ever even bother flying with planes like these.

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but ticket for two tok-oki-tok cost only 12500yen return !!!! new planes, nice seat and on time.

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You don't need any ID for domestic flights in Japan.

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Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys. Think I'll stick to ANA for my domestic flights as I have done for the last 20 years. Never been concerned or had a problem. Plus I'll never have to trek out to Narita to get a domestic flight.

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Jet Star for me any day, never going to use ANA again, they still had cigaret buts in the ash trays, old seats, late, slow checkins

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I just used ANA, and soon JAL, and I do not remember any cigarette buts any ashtrays, although on Korean Airlines, many years back that was awful, flying with heavy smokers from Narita all the way to LAX, that was hell!

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Elbuda: "...although on Korean Airlines, many years back that was awful, flying with heavy smokers from Narita all the way to LAX, that was hell!"

I think 'many years back' is the key point. All the airlines had smoking 'many years back'. Some Chinese airlines still had smoking up to a few years back. Hell, if you want to get down to it, even bullet trains STILL have smoking cars!

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I haven't seen any smoking cars on bullet trains for a couple of years now. Which lines continue to have them?

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oh... I'm try to get ticket just today. I suspect LCCs.

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ive flown with Jetstar many times, yes the service is minimal but being that cheap what do you expect, also Jetstar/Qantas is the only airline that hasnt had any crashes that have had fatalities.

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Last flight to Okinawa 12 mths ago with ANA, never again if possible Jet star LCC JP or QF good value and more comfortable than most RCCs. and safer.

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Aussies don't call it "Deathstar", for nothing- a reference time their service ethic (not actual deaths which they haven't had). I've flown twice and the first time domestically in Aust the plane was diverted to another city with oven trouble- but I had a really good experience from Japan to Aust. Hopefully they get on top of the Japanese standards/red tape and help open the constricted Japanese market up

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Caveat Emptor

Not sure why this is so surprising. LCC's have to cut costs to maintain their low fares. Everything is in play. Experienced aircrew and maintenance personnel are expensive. If a LCC can ensure its fares are lower than those of its competitors by hiring the less experienced, it is going to do so as long as it can get away with it.

People flying LCC are pretty much only interested one thing: flying as cheaping as they can. Ask 100 Jetstar customers waiting to check in at Narita if this bothers them and probably all 100 would say yes. Then ask the same 100 if they would be willing to pay twice the fare to cover the costs well trained, experienced flight crews and maintenance personnel, and I'd bet that many would opt out and search for a cheaper alternative.

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Flown them many times, and cheap is right, but have been fortunate not to have had and problems like listed above , then again there was a report just recently and they were ahead of Virgin in Australia for beong on time and less flights cancelled, More interestingly Hawaiian airlines had the best record for being on time and least amount of flights cancelled in the last 12 months.

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