A train runs on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. Photo: WIKIPEDIA

JR East mulls later train services during Tokyo Olympics


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Great news.

They should finish all the meetings and envelope swapping a week before the Olympics begin.

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... the company is expected to study whether extra train crews and station staff will be needed

What are the alternatives? Unpaid overtime? Temporary extension of working hours?

They work to the second at the moment, so doubt there is much capacity to expand.

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Wasting their time.

It kind of worked ok at the London Olympics because transportation/ local councils encouraged local businesses to avoid the forecast peak hours by working flexitime and remotely. My company even received a visit from the transportation/ local council office. And as you know any excuse will do for Brit workers to avoid the rush or to work from home.

Can't see that ever being implemented the same way in Tokyo because of the fear and paranoia amongst workers of not being at their desks on time.

The only way this is going to work is if government force business to work flexitime and remotely.

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Thank goodness for 24/7 mass transport

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And buses that will bring you to the stations.

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@TigersTokyoDome ...sounds like your expertise on what constitutes a waste of time allowed you to avoid all that time wasted on reading the article

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This is good news for workaholics, who will be able to get some extra hours in before catching the last train home.

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Please don't mull it. Do it. Maybe that will cause a domino effect and other lines will follow. Then maybe the Kanagawa lines will get into the act. Too much to hope for?

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