JR East offering one couple chance to get married on Yamanote line


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Because the Yamanote Line is the best and most romantic place to have a wedding

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Other than the Yurikamome Line, the Yamanote is my favorite train in Tokyo because it hits interesting stations big and small and offers everything from shopping, sightseeing and even quieter neighborhoods Always enjoyed watching assorted riders from Tokyo Station salarymen to Harajuku cosplay girls board and exit. And it's cheap as well.

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Unfortunately, there is the possibilty of a suicidal student or salaryman ruining that special day. Something to keep in mind before applying.

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Does having the bride groped by sleazy characters come as part of the deal?

3 ( +8 / -5 )

During rush-hour?

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Another PR stunt/advertising gimmick... I guess it's still slightly more tasteful than the 50,000 (?) in Japan or so who choose to get married at Disneyland each year, yuck

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The train will take an hour to travel the around the 35-kilometer Yamanote line, stopping at all 29 stations but not opening its doors.

The nature of the journey will pose one possible challenge—there is no toilet aboard.


-3 ( +2 / -5 )

So, what exactly does the lucky couple win? They still have to pay for the reception. They get to do a lap of Tokyo on the Yamanote? Big deal!!!

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The nature of the journey will pose one possible challenge—there is no toilet aboard.

“The guests will be warned well in advance. I think this is all the same for ordinary weddings,” said Suzuki.

Er, no. I believe there are toilet facilities at pretty much any other wedding venue in the nation.

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It's a cool and unique idea. Hopefully there will be no jumper on that day.

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Ah what sort of otaku wants to be married on a train? A subway car at that, at least it looks like one to me.

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According to my calendar, Oct. 14th this year is 赤口 -- not an auspicious day for weddings (except at noon, apparently).

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i know a lot of people don't like this idea, but i think it's kinda cool. this is a one-of-a-kind wedding that would be totally memorable. i do think it's a stupid stipulation that you have to use the reception area provided by jr.

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I kinda like it. If I lived in Tokyo all my life, it'd be kind of fun to dress the inside of some cars up and get hitched while Tokyo unfolds around us. I'm sure it can be made to be VERY creative. :)

Heck, riding on the train with 120 people max across ALL ELEVEN cars would be spectacle enough. I'm used to 100+ in ONE car. haha

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wow, the haters. Nobody forces you to apply, hell I won't apply. But it's an interesting idea and I'm sure many couples will be interested to have this unique wedding ceremony.

Paul, I commute by Yurikamome and Yamanote everyday. Better than other lines, but I would still prefer to walk to work.

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Can foreigners apply? How about a Halloween-themed ceremony?

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Can the wedding be consumated on the Yamanote Line too?

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Sounds like it could be fun, can see the 鉄道ファン lining up for that one!

JR should do more of this sort of thing seeing as how the trains are a big part of the culture. Remember riding yamanote in Halloween in tokesany years ago, good times

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Sometimes on the Yamanote Line you can get a hard jerk when they switch tracks. Somebody better keep an eye on that wedding cake so it doesn't fall over.

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The bridegroom and his bride might be hated if their wedding starts in rush hour ! In this case nobody will not celebrate them, Sorry.

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