JR East reports about 350 cases of obstructed travel incidents since March


East Japan Railway Co (JR East) has reported approximately 350 cases of obstructed travel incidents within its area of operations since March.

According to JR East, a train departing from Minami-Urawa Station on the Musashino Line on April 7 and a train departing from the same station on Keihin-Tohoku Line on April 21 were delayed after the emergency handle connected to the train’s automatic doors was switched on.

Furthermore, on May 12, a train operating between Akabane and Urawa stations ran over a bicycle that had been placed on the railway tracks, Fuji TV reported. In addition, the door to a train’s crew cabin was dented inward and a train station’s departure bell was stolen, among many other incidents occurring one after the other.

About 50 cases occurred in March, around 150 in April, and there have already been nearly 150 in May, JR East said.

JR East issued a statement, in which it said: “While we already utilize security cameras and patrol officers on our premises, we are currently tightening our security with cooperation from the police.”

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I'm wondering why this incredibly interesting and mentally stimulating article has received absolutely no comments from anyone but me? It is very important news after all...

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Another home-grown terrorist/cult like Aum Shinrikyo up to no good?

I hope not. Japan has a history of domestic terrorists, unfortunately. The Japanese Red Army, the airport mob....

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"JR just ain't what it used to be." You are correct.It is much much better. It is faster, cleaner and safer.

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zichiMay 30 07:35 pm JSTLast week JR East apologized for a train leaving 25 seconds early.

And so they should. A delay usually has some kind of reason, but leaving before the scheduled time is carelessness.

Lately there are lots of delays that aren't necessarily suicide related, Saikyousen has a couple of minutes delays nearly every morning. There is usually a peak in accidents in May and September in connection with the end of holidays but I don't know what causes the general minor delays.

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