JR East says 80% of platforms on Yamanote line will have automatic gates by 2016


East Railway Japan Co (JR East) said Wednesday that it plans to install automatic gates on platforms at 80% of stations on the Yamanote line in Tokyo by 2016.

The installation of the automatic gates is a measure to prevent accidents and suicides involving people falling or jumping from train platforms.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, there were 209 accidents caused by falls at train stations in the Tokyo metropolitan region. At major stations which handle more than 100,000 passengers a day, such as Shinjuku, Tokyo, Shibuya and Shinagawa, these types of accidents have increased by 30% within five years.

So far on the Yamanote line, only 2 out of 29 stations have the automatic doors. JR East plans to install the gates at 16 more stations by 2015 and at five more in 2016, but remains undecided about the remaining six stations, NHK reported.

There were 15 cases (excluding suicides) of people falling onto the tracks from platforms on the Yamanote line last year, the transport ministry said.

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Ah, well, the fact is, something needs to be done about why over 30,000 people a year are killing themselves.

While the gates may reduce the suicides at stations, it won't deter these people and they will find another way to top themselves.

Start with why workers are obliged to stay at the office and try and reduce the working hours and let the leave early to enjoy their lives.

The gates will be put in place to reduce inconvenience to passengers and loss of profit to JR. The real problem of what is driving people to kill themselves will not be solved.

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If someone purposely jumps in front of a train, is it an accident? The article stars their were 15 real accidents on the yamanote last year. How many suicides were there?

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What? It takes at most a week to do a station even working 4 hours a day (1 am to 5 am), no way in hell it takes half a decade to do 20 something stations.

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So far on the Yamanote line, only 2 out of 29 stations have the automatic doors.

and do you know where those 2 stations with automatic doors are? Meguro and Ebisu, stations that serve affluent neighborhoods populated by wealthy people who are very unlikely to kill themselves any time soon.

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Mixed feelings. They just put in gates at my station, and it slows down the flow of people.

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I was hoping they'd have the gates installed in 100% of the platforms by 2014.

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SerranoNov. 01, 2012 - 10:11PM JST

I was hoping they'd have the gates installed in 100% of the platforms by 2014.

If they actually cared they could have 100% of JR platforms done by 2014, but they really don't care despite the fact that customers lose billions of yen a year in lost time.

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How about the government get a backbone and launch some mental health campaigns... the problem is obviously a lot more serious than "freak accidents"...

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I know a train driver on a line in Osaka. He tells me his colleagues on the Yamanote have it tough. It really freaks them out when someone falls/jumps in front of the train they drive, and die.

So, at least for their sake, we should support this.

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And how much is JR spending on counseling patrons?

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