JR East to launch 2-year leave plan for infertility care, study abroad


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 launch 2-year leave plan for infertility care, study abroad

Maternal leave, paternal leave, can they take that too?

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A step up. It's 2022.

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Let’s just see how many staff take this up.

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East Japan Railway Co is planning to introduce in April an unpaid leave system of up to two years for infertility treatment, study abroad or pursuing qualifications.

The only reason their employees would need infertility treatment is due to the insane amount of stress and unpaid overtime work that JR Rail gives.

What tax paying adult says, you know what? I really need to study abroad. That's what college is for.

As for qualifications, you might as well start another career if you're gonna take off two years from rail service.

This is just a fake way to say, we don't want to pay you for two years because our prices are too high and people aren't traveling as much. BUT. If you wait around without going to a better company, we would like to keep you in storage and bring you back when this pandemic deal cools down.

Is that AIITE wit chuu?

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As the article reads this looks like a good plan, but it will need to be first tested to the realities of Japan first. If the program comes with impossible requirements or insufficient pay then it will have nobody using it and will represent zero advantages.

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Ooh unpaid leave system how exciting .

Iam sure everyone is chomping at the bit to leave.


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