JR to send security camera images to police in emergencies


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Will it make a difference?

Conpare Tokyo with London.

London, with one of the most watched populations in the world has a most serious problem with crime:stabbings,robberies, theft are all prevalent.

The reason?

The number of police on duty is low.

Cameras make little difference.

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The reason?

The number of police on duty is low.

Nope. Guess again - the reason is the perps.

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Welcome to Orwell world...

Like nobody was watching now...

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They are not asking your permission. As the camera rolls any person of " interest " will automatically be flagged at the monitoring office....then ? the ordeal will begin.

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Great. It is a bit orwellian in theory. I don't mind it at all though. Like I don't mind those infrared cameras checking for people with high fevers when deplaning at Narita or Haneda from overseas. Or being thumb printed every time I enter Japan at immigration. And I am not concerned with facial recognition software at train, subway, and bus stations. Just don't slow us down while doing the extra checks.

Using the train or subway or airline or bus is granting permission. If you don't want to give permission, don't use the services. Pay cash for all transactions. Wear a coat with your face covered. Walk whenever possible. Don't carry a cell phone, smaho or not. Wear gloves so as not to leave fingerprints.

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