JR West thanks baseball players for helping man who fell off train platform


JR West on Monday presented a certificate of thanks to two up-and-coming baseball players who rescued a man in his 70s after he fell off a train platform at Shin-Imamiya Station.

Tomoya Mori, 18, a student at Osaka's Toin Senior High School, and who is soon to become a Seibu Lions pro baseball player, was honored along with his friend Takeo Kume, who pitches for his school's baseball team, TBS reported.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Nov 16. Station personnel were alerted that a man had fallen off the platform. As station employees rushed to help, Mori and Kume were already helping the man up from the tracks.

Mori garnered a lot of media attention at both the spring and summer Koshien high school baseball tournaments this year. In reference to this, the JR West letter of thanks stated: "Your life-saving action reminded us of the teamwork you displayed at the Koshien tournament."

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Well done lads! Clearly not a PR stunt. I think whey were just bravely acting on instinct and did a very good deed that many wouldn't even attempt.

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Kudos to all the heroes who help rescue the fallen at or near the train tracks this year (especially the ones who died trying to help). There is hope.

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what a great piece of news! more young adults need to pay attention to this news.

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