Kansai Electric to sue former execs for damages over bribery scandal


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Oh my, that's going to get embarrassing a very regrettable predicament.

more of it I say more of it!

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And what about an indictment? Open and shut case. More evidence than they had on Ghosn. If only these executives were non-japanese.

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Nothing New here,

I would guess that The G O Boys are always wheeling and dealing, Bribery is deeply rooted here, and without it NOT much gets done.

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The company punished 93 former and current executives and employees for accepting cash and gifts.

How exactly were they punished? Slap on the wrist? 10% pay cut for 3 months? Maybe some amakudari?

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Kansai Electric has been under fire after it came to light in September last year that Eiji Moriyama, a former deputy mayor of Takahama in Fukui Prefecture, had bribed executives and employees of the utility to give work to companies linked to him.

Never remember seeing it being under fire. The mainstream devoting a few minutes to the scandal and the general public adopting the shouganai attitude doesn't constitute Fire. The execs all retired with their hefty retirement benefits, maybe even retaining Adviser role positions and the prosecutors being conveniently MIA and not even bothering.

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But donating money for approvals or making things happen is their SOP, their modus operandii, their business model!

Rather than a genuine initiative for reform, this sounds like the local equivalent of virtue signalling.

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It is appropriate to entrust the case to the judiciary.

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This will be an interesting one... a bunch of corrupt execs fighting a corrupt company.

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Wow, this shows good example of siding with the bad. Pot calling the kettle black. What is new ???. Most important, which party makes the most money , that is the party responsible for all the mess.

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