Kanto region experiences hottest day so far this year


Temperatures soared across much of Japan on Sunday, with the Kanto region experiencing its hottest day of the year so far.

Kiryu in Gunma Prefecture recorded Kanto's highest temperature of 35.2 degrees, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. Tatebayashi, also in Gunma, baked in 35-degree heat.

In Tokyo, the mercury rose to 31.9 degrees at 2 p.m.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 164 people were taken to hospital in Tokyo and six Kanto prefectures Sunday to be treated for heat exhaustion.

Hokkaido also experienced soaring temperatures, with Obihiro and Ashoro recording 36.3 degrees. In Fukui, it was 35.5 degrees, Fukushima 34 degrees and Nagoya 33.1 degrees.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency is urging people to take precautions against heatstroke by drinking plenty of water and using the air conditioner.

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Finally, summer is here! Beach time - steaks, beer and bikinis. Woo hah!!

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Using the air conditioner all the time will make you less toleret to the heat, making it seem all the more hotter when you eventually have to venture outside. I have noticed this especially with people who grew up with air conditioning. And when every man and his dog runs an air conditioner in the confines of Tokyo's high-density neighbourhoods, it just makes the surrounding air even hotter, especially on still nights. And what, with a hundred million people all running a now "essential" air conditioner to keep themselves cool from the added heat from everyone else running an air conditioner hey, we need a few dozen nuclear power plants just to keep them all going. And we all know what a fine mess that led to.

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Yes, it's very hot in my local in Kanto too. And much more hot in my 2nd room. Up until now, it was OK to run the AC sometimes. But from yesterday, I had to run the air conditioner from almost throughout the day. Nevertheless it seems that it's kind of sunny spells during the period of rainy season. Under such hot weather I really want to have hot days in midsummer once and for all.

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Okinawa seems to be the coolest spot during the dog days of summer. Yes, Okinawa! Love it down here. It's hot but at least there's plenty of breeze and it's not as humid as people say it is. Mornings and evenings are humid but during the day the humidity can drop to as low as 60 to 70 percent. Not a bad deal.

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Aren't you glad to not be in Sacramento, CA where 38 degrees usually happens in May and it's already busted 43 degrees, so far? It touched 40 here in Salt Lake, UT a few days ago; "but it's a dry heat"...Never mind Arizona.

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Wow! It gets hotter in mid-July! Stop the presses! Yawn...

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It's not quite mid-July and it's already very hot. I love Japan, but I have no desire to visit in the summer. Stay cool people.

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Disillusioned: Should be a little better than usual because school sports day practice is over until September (for those schools that didn't change it to May).

Going to be hotter tomorrow, so take care, peeps. I had to crack on the air-conditioning today for the first time because there is just not enough circulation in my apartment. It was cooler outside, if you can believe it. So while I'm sleeping with it off it comes on now during the day if I'm home.

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It's gonna be in the high 20's and low 30's all week. Anybody wanna run numbers on how many thousands end up in hospital with heat stroke? Is 32' hot?

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Its ridiculous that people are so sensitive to some heat.

Here in Hokkaido, this week end has been the really first warm and summer like days. Before that, it was miserably cold. So sorry, I welcome the heat very much.

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Raymond, ahhh...shave ice! Nice! Japanese shave ice seems so small, an den. On da north shore of Hawai'i, you can get one with choke ice and topping. Mo'betta wen wen tourists are in line, though.

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This is why the north end of Honshu and the island of Hokkaido are very popular with tourists from other parts of Japan from circa middle July to the end of August. And it explains why any place that sells kakigori shaved ice desserts is doing a lot of business right now.

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I'm glad I was born after the invention of airconditioning! And Vivaldi and Beethoven, and some other things.

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Jon snow: the summer is coming. Filth sweat and plague flies will come with it.

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Ho! Before time, I wen stay in Osaka it was much hot! Feel like one desert, brah! Stay cool and suck up dem beers, Japan.

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I went for a bike ride with my boy earlier, and it sure was hot.

But other than that, it's been a nice cool day in the air conditioning.

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In Kansai too, the sweat is running off my neck and down my back.

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The rainy season ends and now comes the humid sauna bath for another month or so... not amused.

Cooler October days can't come soon enough!

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I believe it!

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Ah ... great weather for sore joints. My aching hip joint felt so good today I didn't need a cane to walk long distances. Now, for us with uncooperative body joints, if we only had this hot weather all the time ...

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