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Kashiwazaki nuclear plant better coped to deal with terrorism: IAEA


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All terrorist attacks have been by domestic players.

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The NRA approve the future use of nuclear power plants based on building plans and written proposals, not actual construction and validated testing. Not very scientific!

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Which of the seven reactors are they discussing? Cleansed and whitewashed article for public consumption. Difficult to know how to comment with so little content.

Someone was actually able to gain entry without a pass, facilitated by staff, but later the fact got found out. That is reported above as: "Since January 2021, a defective intruder detection system and other security shortcomings were discovered at the plant, ..."

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In 1979 I tested safety systems on BWRs like those in Fukushima. All nuclear powerplants are too dangerous and too expensive to use.

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There’s no terrorist threat for nuclear power plants. More fear mongering from this anti-nuclear site. Everyone knows that the uranium is not weapons grade. There are armed guards.

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Fundamentally, IAEA is nuclear plants thrusting organization, never neutral and never independent.

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The current guarantee that being listed in this article only for particular aspect of requirement, not Tsunami.

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