Kimonos get rock 'n' roll makeover at Japan fashion week


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“The kimono is fashion… it shouldn’t be presented as old-fashioned,” said celebrated designer Jotaro Saito.

But based on what I'm seeing in those photos convinces me that traditional Kimono is best left as is.

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Designer woke up one day and started channeling One Piece?

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Seems to me that I have seen something similar to these kimonos during the coming of age day ceremonies around Japan recently. Maybe not the kimonos themselves but the hair and makeup sure look the same.

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Some of them look like a sack of spuds tied in the middle.

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I love seeing my wife dressed is the "traditional" Kimono. There is nothing "awesome" about this new design what so ever. It trashes a marvelous/beautiful part of Japanese culture.

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These are awesome! Traditionalists should be kissing Yoshiki's feet even if they don't like his designs, because when fashion stops breaking rules, it just dries up and dies. I was sad when the only time I saw kimono being worn was by elderly ladies at the kabuki theatre, but these days I'm seeing more crazy gyaru-style miniskirts for Coming-Of-Age Day (like these and a very cool style called kimono hime, that mixes vintage kimono with Western accessories (like this

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Alright I guess, but nothing special

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the new 'designs' look awful! And they already look dated! Kimono don't have to be 'fashionable', thank god!

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