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Families of Japanese abducted by N Korea departs for U.S. to seek support


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And exactly WHAT do they think the present “Administration” of the US is going to do about it?

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It was decades ago

So i wish them luck

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Megumi maybe still be alive but she has her own family in NK and maybe she doesn't want to return back to Japan, they should had ask for a DNA test when Megumi's granddaughter came to to visit here in Japan .

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Not sure why they’re coming here. We have no dog in that fight.

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These families will never get closure, they are just prolonging the inevitable.

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@theFu Believe it or not I think Dennis Rodman would be a better candidate to get more information from Lil Kim very few people know anything about Lil Kim but Dennis Rodman is a very close friend and I think personally he could make a difference even if it was a small one considering their close friendship. The ONLY REASON I think they have not ASKED Dennis Rodman to secure their release because that would be a total embarrassment for politicians having a basketball player do what they couldn't do for years, but think about it no one has seen or heard about Lil Kim close friendships, but the world knows how he feels about Dennis Rodman because he has expressed it.

They should try to see Trump and ask him what he did to get captives in NK released and what he will do as President. Perhaps another Love Letter to lil' Kim would solve this?

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They should try to see Trump and ask him what he did to get captives in NK released and what he will do as President. Perhaps another Love Letter to lil' Kim would solve this?

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I am sorry for the families that are being used as pawns in the political game. After all these years very little has changed. The trip to Washington will not change anything if anything it will be a great sightseeing tour. If the people in the US can't get their elected officials to listen to them asking to clean the streets of trash, fix potholes in streets, and make their neighborhoods safer what makes these families think they could travel thousands of miles and ask for supporting change. The way politician work in America is they will listen smile in your face but do nothing until their seat is coming up for re-election. While they are in office they are like ghost and you rarely see them nor can you get through the many channels to contact their offices but come time for election they come out like ants on a piece of bread at a picnic ready to shake your hand while holding out the other hand for donation to support their campaign re-election. Its a long shot for the families to get anything done, as I wrote above they will listen smile and give choice words resulting in false hopes nothing will get done. Good luck to them because they will need it.

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This a case of emotion abuse,use innocent people emotional vulnerability

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They returned remains before but Japan botched the DNA tests. The screw-up was even news in Nature, the science publication.

I wonder who is paying for this. These politicians seem to be shamelessly using these people for their own nationalistic ends; kindling hope in the families while promoting Japan as victim.

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I read once before that N Korea said some had died. So if that is the excuse then they should return the remains do be DNA tested

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