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Kin of Japanese abducted by N Korea shocked over death of Abe


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he risked his life as a politician to rescue the victims."

Sorry to say, but no he didn’t.

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Why ask their opinion and issue an article about it ?

Some political moves unethical going around here.

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Why ask their opinion and issue an article about it ?

I could not agree more.

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Everyone's shocked by this.

The entire.



So of course these people are too.

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I will try to put my feelings towards the abducted subject in a gentle manner, the nation has several more important burning matters to deal with.

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"Of the 17, five including Soga were repatriated in 2002 following Koizumi's visit to North Korea. While Japan continues to seek the return of the remaining 12, North Korea maintains that eight have died and the other four never entered the country.

Maybe NK is telling the truth."

Yes, good point. Indeed, it would have been bizarre and irrational for the North Korean leaders back in 2002 to have told the truth about 5 of the abductees while outright lying about the remaining 12. What purpose is served by telling a "71 percent lie" (12 out of 17) about the abductees for nearly 20 years? The knee-jerk response to this question is to insist the North Koreans are irrational and lie about everything. But if they lie about everything, why at the very least did they tell the truth about five of the abductees in September 2002? This is where the "North Koreans are irrational and lie all the time" line falls apart.

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Sadly the abductee political issue created by Abe will make the same progress going forward now as it had while Abe was alive and was championing it for decades. He used the issue cynically to become PM even though he knew it was a closed matter from the NK side and nothing would change. Not a complementary aspect of his legacy.

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agree with everyone here. Everyone is trying to milk the assassination to garner political points for their various positions.

Maybe that's Abe's real legacy

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Why not ask victims of WW11? What a ridiculous story

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