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Relatives try to fulfill missing Hokkaido boat couple's marriage hopes


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Sad but uplifting story. Getting married when passed away and not engaged yet is a bit odd though. But if it make families have closure, it’s OK.

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DevinToday  06:51 am JST

I agree this is sad but very weird at the same time. Is there a financial benefit to this? I am comfused also as to "The marriage registration filed with the Kitami city government office was not accepted". Why would a government not accept a Marriage?

You have to do it in-person or via power of attorney, first one is not possible and the 2nd one was also not done unless they sign with the seals of the deceased which is a crime.

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I guess the girlfriend's family does not wish for her name to be disclosed until they have 100% confirmation or for privacy concerns? This story just goes to show how easily one's life can be taken away. Very tragic.

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Geez guys give them a break! The couple were getting engaged to get married on the boat that ended up ending their lives. The parents simply what to complete the Union “officially” so their wishes to be married were carried through. It’s a shame an exception under such exceptional circumstances was not granted. It would not hurt anyone to do it and give both sets of parents some joy it what can only be a living hell at the moment!

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 marriage registration in an attempt to grant their last wishes

Does anybody know if the young woman said yes to the proposal?

I know they were living together and father of the man said she seemed happy in the 10 second video. However that doesn't necessarily mean she was ready to or wanted to marry him.

Has the woman's family said anything about it? The article only shows the opinion of the young man's family.

-1 ( +6 / -7 )

Every person on that boat became a sad story. The boat operator of course has a huge responsibility in his hands that he will have to answer for, but the authorities in charge of controlling the operation in the area appear to be also very lax in the application of the regulations and may also need to be held responsible.

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There 's no way the city government could have accepted their marriage registration. You can't marry a dead couple. RIP.

3 ( +8 / -5 )

I saw the owner of the boat run from the reporters. After his decision to send the boat out in severe inclement weather he can’t face the public and apologize. Greed conquers all

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It's cute what they're trying to do for the couple. But what they want is a symbolic thing and marriage at the city hall is a legal matter.

Why not have a ceremony instead where they remember both as the couple and persons they were? Could enshrine their souls together as well. That would be a lot more meaningful than some legal papers.

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The owner of this tour company should be jailed for his reckless and criminal actions in regard to allowing the tour to go forward. His company sold and all proceeds divided amongst the families of those who died!

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It’s a sweet gesture.

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One very sad story. May they rest in peace.

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They were probably holding each other tight.

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