Kirin opens flagship beer hall in Tokyo until July 31


Kirin has opened Ichiban Shibori Garden, its flagship Kirin beer hall, in Toranomon, Tokyo, for a limited time only. And Japanese actress/model, Yu Aoi was on hand to celebrate the opening and try her hand at pouring a draft.

More Kirin stores will open in other cities in Japan soon and then overseas starting in China, Taiwan and Korea in mid-May.

The concept of Kirin Ichiban Shibori Garden is “A space to propose a new beer style and share happiness”.

In addition to regular draft Kirin Ichiban Shibori, on a hot day you may want to try a draft beer called “Ichiban Shibori Frozen” – it has icy foam on top of the beer so you can enjoy a new texture in your beer…

Or, perhaps a beer cocktail called “Ichiban Shibori Two-tone” that has juice or liqueur on the bottom.

It will definitely become a hot hang-out spot for salarymen and OLs this coming summer.

Period of time: Until July 31

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Kirin is good beer. Good luck with this new venture! I wish it were easier to buy and drink foreign beer here as it is everywhere else in the world (outside of Tokyo and the larger cities).

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I'd like beer more if I didn't know the fomb these days was chemical not a natural by product.

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Mmm, very flagshippy...

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If it's only going to be open for a few months, then it's more like a beer TENT than a beer HALL. Save the "halls" for more permanent establishments.

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and.... no foam please!!!!!!!

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Kirin is an excellent beer. When is the government going to allow the micro-breweries open market access at the local grocery store? Monopolies keep the prices artificially high.

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