Kishida plans reward points system to ease electricity bills


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Uh how about generate more affordable energy you morons?

What's next walk 3 hours to work and get $2 of your gas?

I see the pattern of thr japanese goverment treating their citizens as slaving peasnts continues and so does the pattern of the public electing the Muppets

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Kishida said that besides creating the reward points system to reduce the burden on households, the government will swiftly implement a 13 trillion yen spending measure partially to contain rising prices of wheat, fertilizer, livestock feed and energy.

Seems like conserving electricity will do the job of lowering your electric bill.

How will the points be redeemed and to what extent will they lower the total bill?

Only a lot of overpaid bureaucrat hours will determine that.

Big subsidies to businesses and elaborate point and coupon plans are the LDP go to.

Anything that puts money into the pockets of workers is a big NG.

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Stop mucking around with reward points system, Go To and other LDP nonsense designed mainly to benefit their cronies and give everyone under a certain threshold a tax cut or cut the sales tax on food and essentials so the ones that need it most can benefit. But hey that wouldn't provide pork to the old boys club , would it. Let's create point reward schemes and get Dentsu and a few more levels of sub contract companies to administer it instead, shall we?

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This scheme will cause power shortages.

It is better to buy a power generator and solar panel to be ready for outages during the hot Japanese summer.

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by awarding power-saving households

You will get extra points if you survive Japanese summer without AC :D

Why doesnt Kishida give some "points" to the companies to turn off the banners, unnecessary lights etc.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

already use usb fans at night. The battery is solar powered, but can only charge if the next day is sunny. Sleep in the bare. Shower in cold water, no tv, pc powered by solar. Led bulbs only. What more do these people want me to do?

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The first thing PM has to do is to restart nuclear power plants to avoid power shortages in the summer, not offering points for saving electricity. The proposal shows how out of touch and delusional Kishida is.

-2 ( +10 / -12 )

What an idiotic plan. How’s this different to the credit system in communist China ? Get with the times …

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“Goto heatstroke 2022”

Brought to you by the Japanese government.

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We completed our new-built house last year and originally we were 100% sure that we'd put solar panels on the roof. In the end, we couldn't afford it.

If the gvmt wants to support an energy transformation, they need to help making solar power (and others) more affordable. Why is it that in Japan a modest solar roof costs 3-4 times as much as a comparable system in Germany? And that was BEFORE the fall of the Yen!

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Welcome to Kishida's "new capitalism," where the state exerts greater control on prices and market demand.

13 trillion yen is a heck of a lot of money.

6 ( +10 / -4 )

I wonder is there a source of cheap oil readily available? (Sarcasm off)

Going to be a of a summer for me.

My heart attack has made it I can barely breathe in the heat, do airconditioning is not an option this year.

Guess I at looking forward to high power bills.

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Folks need to keep in mind it's that season for pork to be spread out among the masses, not in big chunks, just sound-bit sizes, to get people to think LDP when it's time to vote!

After they "win" the erection, things will go soft again, and the LDP and Kishida will forget they said anything in the first place.

5 ( +8 / -3 )

2 Year OldToday  06:13 pm JST

“Goto heatstroke 2022”

very niiice, very very niiiice...... (⌒▽⌒)

-6 ( +5 / -11 )

Crazy! Reward points for power saving households means nothing to people who live in apartments. It’s just lip service.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

Have already done that for the last 30 years. Can not save more, so can not get points.

While not starting by really turning off all the useless lights, specially during the daylight hours

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Again, election promises which will not be kept.

Or if kept, expect taxes and so on to be increased.

Kishida has to offer the plebs something so he will win the election!

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We completed our new-built house last year and originally we were 100% sure that we'd put solar panels on the roof. In the end, we couldn't afford it.

It should be mandatory in my opinion but the govt prefers to see businesses having the control of solar energy

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Solar? We too built a new house, we wanted solar as my mum overseas has it and saves a stupid amount. So we crunched the numbers and it financially just wasn’t worth it. The government would rather make lives uncomfortable and prop up these gouging companies. So used to it now not surprised.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Kishida dishing out more' hot air 'as usual!

5 ( +6 / -1 )

How about financial incentives to get solar panels, if the government made them more affordable families would take them up..

6 ( +7 / -1 )

How about financial incentives to get solar panels

No, That would be too easy!

Kishida likes convoluted plans that make no real difference.

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Besides creating the reward points system to reduce the burden on households

So households will have to lower their electricity usage and deal with the reward points system on top of that. You are increasing our burden, moron!

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I just watch this documentary on TED about green energy. This bloke verify a lot of problem I assume with green energy. One thing he said it was about time scientist should start tell us the truth and a few scientist are come out now. That was another side of the debate I ponder and the bloke verify it. He also state that there too much pollution involve with green energy. ( Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxDanubia ) So I assume these truths will generate Japan government to turn back on the nuclear plants. He also said that solar farm burn birds out of sky when they fly over these farms. I said yeah Na so I google it and sure as ____ he was correct.

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Solar is a waste, cost far too much, needed materials are bad for the environment and the efficiency is low especially if you take into account the needed space.

A wind turbine is far far far more efficient.

Today you can get several single dwelling type including the oscillating type that just looks like a long pole.

Problem is in Japan they are either not available, extremely over priced or regulations make it near impossible to install.

And then we have the elephant in the room "geothermal " the one thing Japan should be using in abundance and it is a Goose egg a big fat zero.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Mine Bitcoin with natural Japans geothermal resources. All that heat just going to waste could be used to mining bitcoin for free, minus setup costs. Literally the perfect situation to take advantage of Bitcoins Proof of work mechanicism.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Japan had Gasification energy plants, and shut them down. Bring them back, or build thorium reactors. Completely safe nuclear reactor with no weaponized byproducts.

The gov has options. They choose not to use them.

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So, if you are fed up with all this central planning nonsense, thumbs up.

If you love the government types poking their noses into all the problems of the world rather than just playing the cards you are dealt, thumbs down.

For me, if prices have gone up, the last thing I want is the government taking measures aimed at alleviating the reality of those higher prices.

The cure for high prices, is high prices. And the same for low prices (low prices). Government types aren’t all knowing geniuses with the collective knowledge of all of us in their heads - they will make worse decisions than we can collectively make for ourselves. Please, let’s save ourselves from the central planners.

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Great! I should be getting a huge decrease going back a long time. Since 2011 and Fukushima, I have kept my electricity usage to a bare minimum so I would not reward TEPCO

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Something that can be done NOW without huge financial burden to all parties and provide a lot of (green) energy is to restart nuclear power plants. Whether you are pro or anti nuclear that is the fact. Even if they start building solar or wind farms tomorrow, it is impossible to finish with the work in some reasonable period. Regarding alternative nuclear technologies, unfortunately everything else are experimental concepts at best. I would like to see thorium based power plants as well, but there are simply no viable reactors ready for the production. And finally geothermal is also a nice concept, however majorly of suitable places are occupied by onsen resorts and I don’t think that onsen business owners want geothermal power plants nearby. Not to mention that building such power plants require a lot of time.

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FX: The cure for high price is to unionise and strike for higher wages. Business profit have tripled compared to wage rises over the last 2 decades. It Bull they can,t pay higher wages all lies. Amazon, Apple and Starbucks now have union and now watch their wages and condition improve over the next 12 months compare to non union workplaces. Don,t let the elites wins again, unionise now.

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Fujitsu and NEC will be lining their pockets with pork to creat this point system. You can also bet on bugs and delays, which will come with an Olympic-style overrun that'll negate any possible merits of a point system.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Taking something that should just be as simple as rebates/credits directly on your utility bill, and turning it into some ridiculously complicated point card system is so Japan.

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Power shortage in Japan is misstep of politics. 11 years from Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan had enough time and potential resource to increase renewable energy drastically. But, government of ruling party LDP who wants nuclear armament is supported by major power corporations who want to continue nuclear plants, delayed popularization of renewable energy. Japanese right-wing politicians try to compensate power shortage by restarting nuclear plants with ignoring safety standard. Arrogant they try to cover their misstep by forcing risk to citizen. Prioritizing vested interests is like chronic disease of Japan.

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For me, if prices have gone up, the last thing I want is the government taking measures aimed at alleviating the reality of those higher prices.

The cure for high prices, is high prices. And the same for low prices (low prices). Government types aren’t all knowing geniuses with the collective knowledge of all of us in their heads - they will make worse decisions than we can collectively make for ourselves. Please, let’s save ourselves from the central planners.

Spot on. I am French and we have exactly the same issue of government making things worst.

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Kishida and his stupid ideas.

He can go shove his "points" system.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Social credit, here we are

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

China's zero-covid madness is the root cause of many price increases in this country and worldwide.

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Sensible automatic system not difficult to do with IT -- must not reward power hogs with those points or they will certainly use / waste even more electricity.

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Tuesday the government plans to ease the impact of rising electricity prices on the public by awarding power-saving households points that can be used to help lower their utility bills.

Err, this just sounds like you're saving on your energy not using up energy...and get "points" (whatever that means) for your efforts...Also, are these points some kind of entitlement to "later" energy or a reduction of your financial burden (energy bill), if the latter then where is that money coming from, some magic money tree?

The government will also create a system under which power companies will buy saved portions of electricity from businesses that engage in further power saving.

This sounds like some kind of a hidden subsidy to business as if not the case, business will need to foot the bill (which is pretty dubious)...Again, this sounds like the magic money tree is in full bloom...

Some electricity providers have already been awarding points to power-saving households.

I can see why business allocate points, but the J-gov also just seems to LOVE point-schemes. The telly in the living-room (bought back in 2005) still has an "Eco-point" sticker on it and when we got married did all the electric appliances bought back then had too. We never really understood how the scheme worked though...

Komeito also just LOVE point-schemes and wanted to give "points" to the plebs as a measure to counter the effects of COVID. The plebs were not exactly enthusiastic (understatement alert) about the points and the idea was dropped.

Add Maina-points for MyNumber as yet another example on how tax-funded schemes are throwing points all across the board with friendly news-outlet trumpeting that "政府が負担 ("the government will cover for the expenses)", conveniently omitting that the government is funded by tax-payers' money, tax-payers who may well be much less enthusiastic about doing so...

All these point-schemes seem to lack transparency or even a real strategy (or point for that matters). Then, there is the "fine print" where not everybody may be eligible or application for said scheme to be too convoluted to go through with...

The J-gov (and Japan as a country) is running on fumes, and not only as far as energy goes...

@Hideomi Kuze

Right on spot. 11 years since Fukushima and essentially what the J-gov is pushing remains nuclear energy which the public has been pushing back ever since.

I remember in the wake of the disaster a scheme where private individuals (with solar panels) could sell back their energy to companies, subsidies to install solar panels and even a big corporate (Toshiba? Hitachi? Don't recall) which intended to become a "solar company" by (not sure anymore?) 2015?

Once Abe came to power was everything about getting the nuclear power plants back on-line and all of the above fizzled out (or most likely was choked off).

The J-gov is reaping what it sow and the chicken are coming home to roost...

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How many meetings after hours (penalty rates) at nice restaurants with LOTS of toasts with top shelf scotch whisky did it take to work this scheme out?

So how does one win?

Do I turn off the lights 24 hours per day, turn off the heater, fridge, have cold showers and eat raw vegetables to win?

What do we win?

If everyone stops using power and gas, won't all the companies go broke?

Is this Alice in Wonderland?


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The cure for high price is to unionise and strike for higher wages.

That won’t cure high prices, unfortunately. These truths were learnt by our forebears two generations back.

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conveniently omitting that the government is funded by tax-payers' money

Exactly. But it is the business of politics to promise voters that money will be spent on them, while hiding from them that those voters are the ones whose money will be spent...

The winners are the central planners and politicians whom skim a chunk out of us tax payers, and the rest of us lose, lose, lose.

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It’s funny how Japanese government and big corporation are all about eco and SDGs to show off to other countries when one sixth of people are suffering from poverty. It disgusts me that the government waste our tax on stupidity like this while young women who suffers from mental illness and poverty caused by black company goes to city office to ask for help just to be told that she should work in sex industry. This country is broken.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

Another ineffective idea by Kishida and his government cronies. The muppets are at it again.....points for not using electricity. Hello.....for those both Japanese/foreign who make Japan their home, ahhh summer is coming, especially the August heat where Aircon is a necessity.

Lower tax rates, offer subsidies to deal with higher prices across the board. Do not spend our tax dollars on your dinners, drivers and funding idiotic schemes which do not work. Think of a proper plan to stimulate the economy without placing additional burdens on the working folks in the country....sorry but you the government are not included in this group. Join the circus!!!

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

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