'Kizuna' chosen as kanji character of 2011


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Bonding - I think it is a good choice too. After the tsunami, I was really happy to have JT. We all posted many comments and we all cared about each other a lot more. I remember that I got really worried not reading cleo's posts for a while. I think she didn't have electricity for a while. It might have been a one-sided bond but it was there, in my heart, the same way I felt about the experiences of many people on JT or in Tohoku. At that time, JT posted a photo of a little girl handing out food in a shelter with the most beautiful smile, it would be the perfect picture to go with kizuna. Anyway, let's hope for a better 2012 and Merry Christmas to all JT posters.

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Kizuna is a good choice.

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I remember that I got really worried not reading cleo's posts for a while. I think she didn't have electricity for a while. It might have been a one-sided bond but it was there, in my heart

Foxie, that's so sweet! Thank you! ♥

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No chance of 改 - kai ever making it. It means revision which is as close as to reform as possible with a single Kanji.

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non-binding bond, practically speaking.

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嘘 (uso) would have been my choice. From the revelation of accounting lies told by Olympus to the "inaccuracies" stated in relation to the nuclear problems in Fukushima, lies seem to be more significant this year than others.

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The first kanji of the year was "shin" (quake) in 1995, the year when Kobe earthquake occurred. This year it made 3rd place. If it was not already selected it would make a good choice.

Number two was "sai" (disaster).

Number four was "nami" (wave) as in tsunami, my personal favorite.

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(uso) would have been my choice....I think lie, coverup , misinform or leave to die would have been more appropriate.

Wow, how drab. Still, you were entitled to take part in the poll - why didn't you cast your vote by mail, fax, online or at any one of the 4,587 locations nationwide? No wait, I think already know the answer to that.

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No one really bonded for more than five days up here in Sendai because that radiation cloud was going to spike on the following Tuesday. The people who knew about about that invisible radiation cloud coming from Fukushima got out of the disaster refuge site and hunkered down back home and prayed for the best. It was a disaster after another disaster. We had to bond, not wanted to. For me, everything is almost back to normal and I dislike some of my neighbors again.

Also, all of the Rakuten baseball players family all split up right after the earthquake because they had money and connections. It was June of this year that the wives and their kids came back to Sendai except, I think, Iwakuma's wife and child are still living in Tokyo. The Rakuten baseball team had a losing record this year. You think the Rakuten fans are bonding?

The bonds of friendship was a fleeting moment.

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Daijoboots. Sorry that we are not as enlightened and entitled to take part as you.

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I don't know, use of kizuna sounds more like wishful thinking for hope out of a disastrous year. Is it just me, or does Kizuna sound very "yakuza"-esque?

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絆 befits this year of struggle.

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let's bond, send over some of that debris .

0 ( +1 / -1 ) are right, it's you. And that is OK.

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Kizuna, 絆 works for me. It's been an awful year and things will never go back to 3/10, a time I now look back upon with rather ironic nostalgia, a gentler time where I could trust the food. A radiation-free time. Still, the Dragon of Consequences is out of its cave now. Comments on JT were really helpful and have continued to be. I think this year we commenters (and lurking readers) became a kind of mildly dysfunctional yet supportive family this year, so 絆 it is.

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愚かさ would have been my choice. Ineptitude.

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絆 kizuna is a good one. i didn't know about the Kanji of the year thing. its hard to say because so many words/characters can discribe how the year went. but 2011 was a bad year as far as the Earthquake & Tsunami. lets hope this next year 2012 is alot Better for Nihon & Everyone.

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"Japanese people found renewed value in maintaining links with family and friends as well as in assisting strangers in need..."

Corporation heads and the government seemed to miss this one, but it's still a better choice than the comparatively vapid choices of recent years.

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In Russia, 絆 are source of power to officials, deputes and other high-lifers.

So discover the power of 絆!

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Kizuna, 絆??Bond, no relation to James?? Like, Hello, my name is Bond, James Bond?? Just kidding folks, but I guess sure bond, bonding, the unity of the people of Japan after so many horrible earthquakes, tsunamis, and now the fulls at Tepco spewing RADIATION into our air, water, food, etc..hope none of that radiation bonds with our bodies, Happy New Year 2012!

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I think lie, coverup , misinform or leave to die would have been more appropriate.

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