Kochi seeks to become anime, manga hub


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In spite of competition from places like Tokyo, a good initiative and Good Luck!

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Why spoil such a nice part of the country with this junk?

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Good luck to them if they can get it to work.

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Applaud Kochi for trying their best to capture a greater portion of this industry that can be worked from almost anywhere in the country.

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Noted as one of the more ‘economically-challenged’ prefectures, these Kochi entities should perhaps seek support & financing from investors abroad to aid independent creators in wrestling away the much-controlled marketshare of Japan’s large publishing houses and studios?

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Good. Spread out industries across Japan, instead of everything in Tokyo.

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Kochi is a lovely place

Given a choice to live, work and develop an exciting industry in a Big city or a beautiful Regional area, it's the latter hands down.

Kochi - relatively unknown to most in Japan - has a history of working against the Establishment most famously with Sakamoto Ryoma fight for democractic rights against the Shogun.

Good Luck to this venture.

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I must admit to having little knowledge that Kochi produced many famous manga artists.

Residing in Ino Town, I have long appreciated the wonderful open spaces and the joys of our local farming community and my neighbors.

If able to visit, please this Guide Book is one of the most informative for Kochi/Ino.

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Yes zichi, I live close to the Ino-cho Paper Museum

Personally it is the availability of land and property at reasonable prices.

Also a relaxed way of life.

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A top place Kochi - like much of Shikoku. Would have to work remotely though, not a lot of local employment for non-natives.

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