Kofu department store offers Y20.12 mil lucky bag


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Good advertisement when both yellow and white metal prices have crashed.

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Anyone who can use that kind of "pocket money" is already a lucky bag!!!

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Still dreaming about the bubble years when people can barely afford to do the basics and others are fearful for their jobs. The person who does step forward should be ashamed of wasting so much money when others are having such a hard time. One thing I really dislike about Japan is the materialism here.

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They call it a "lucky" bag because you'd be lucky to get your money's worth out of one

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I hope the yakuza and or other scum bags are not on stand by mode, you know, ready to take 20 million yen in CASH away from some poor obaachan, etc..out there in Kofu.

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I am not quite sure if there is one Y20.12 mil lucky bag among them, but if there is, I am almost sure that the lucky winner had already been chosen before the whole game begun. And I am almost sure that the lucky winner will go away with the winning bag even if that was the only one bag sold out. :-DD

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If I had 20 million yen for the solitary purpose of buying baubles, the best part would be in choosing them...

Why would anyone want to leave such a thing to chance?

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" Good advertisement when both yellow and white metal prices have crashed. "

Gold is at 3850 yen/gram. I don´t call "crashed".

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Can you get a refund if you don't like the 'lucky' products you've bought?

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Anyone who would be dumb enough to think that doling out that much money for stuff WELL below the purchase price ('lucky bags' are only truly lucky for the shop) is just that -- dumb!

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Than explain why I bought a bag for 3.000Yen and got goods worth 24.000yen in it(best haul so far). Most shops will certify that you get goods that cost x-times the purchase price of the Bag.

Might not be your favorite goods, Lucky Draw after all. Actually a form of local fortune telling for some.

Of course don't choose bags at random either, who wants 6.000Yen of Mr. Donut goods in a 2.000Yen bag. ;)

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It's easy to see why they set the price at 20.12 million yen, since next year is 2012, but I wonder if there are any 2012 yen fukubukuro's around.

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Some people have more money than sense.

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Jan. 2nd, I will be down at Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi's food B1/B2 looking for FukuBukuro in the food areas I adore. No problems foreseen. Lots of fun! Not spending Y20M and having as much fun as the SuperRich, I feel!

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