Korean Air jet aborts takeoff due to engine fire at Haneda airport


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Why were all runways temporarily closed and not only the one affected?

There are a few reasons:

The number one reason is that airports use the runway / runways that are facing into the wind for takeoffs and landings, and try to avoid use of runways with crosswinds. Use of runways with tailwinds is not prohibited but it is almost never done in practice and most pilots would probably refuse to land on one if given an alternative.

Another reason is so that emergency crews can use any runway they want during the emergency without any risk of being hit by aircraft landing and taking off.

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Why were all runways temporarily closed and not only the one affected?

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Thank you for the good news! Everyone lived.

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Just for those who don't know:

Even if the engine catches on fire in flight, 777's have two very effective fire extinguishers per engine.

Engine fires rarely, if ever, cause the loss of an aircraft once it's in the air. More aircraft are lost on the ground to engine and landing gear fires than are lost to airborne engine fires.

So if you ever ride an airplane and see flames coming out of the engine after takeoff, don't panic - the aircrew know how to handle it and the aircraft is built with multiple systems with redundancies to put the fire out. Let the flight attendants know just in case the pilots haven't noticed yet (Extremely unlikely the pilots won't know about it though, there are heat, vibration and fire sensors all over the engines)

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takeda shingen: Good good.

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The Boeing 777-300 blew the mill, an old 747 was brought in to rescue the pax.

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Very worrying. Good on the emergency crew at Haneda.

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Thanks God Everybody escaped this .

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+1! Three of my Japanese friends made it down the shoot and off the plane without incident.

Glad it happened when it did!,

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Glad it happened when it did and not later.

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Looks like a Boeing 777-300. BA2276 (Boeing 777-236ER) had an engine fire September last year at Las Vegas whilst taking off. Also an Air Canada 777 just after take-off back in 2012. Engines supposed to have been fixed following an Air Worthiness Directive from the FAA.

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Lucky people! A few minutes later and i could have been tragic.

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