Kurdish authorities detain Japanese journalist in Iraq


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Should be OK, Kurds are cool and probably keeping him safe so he does not end up in an orange boiler suit with his head chopped off.

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Sherman's right, The Kurds (Turks) are the good guys in that conflict. They probably did it to keep him safe.

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political move, nothing more.

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He might be captured as an ISIS spy. American reporters do not disrupt or endanger military men,

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Kosuke Tsuneoka

A quick google suggest this guy has some history.

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Why would the Kurds detain him?

"Tsuneoka - who took the Muslim first name Shamil when he converted to Islam in February 2000 – is one of the only journalists who have been allowed to report from inside the caliphate, where he counts some of commanders of the terror group as personal friends. "

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Who was he sending his reports to?

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Kurds are not turks. turkey has illegally invaded Iraq to kill them. kurds do not have their own country. so they have no right to detain him that makes them kidnappers or terrorists. only the Iraqi government has the right to detain people in Iraq. Good on him though we need some independent reporting

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@Goodluck. Turkey has illegally invaded Syria to kill Kurds, perhaps. Turkey has illegally invaded Iraq in order to help recapture Mosul... and then keep the Kurds out?

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This guy (and about 30 other Japanese Muslims) is an Islamic State fighter. He's a member of their "All Asian Brigade" and he'll be lucky if the Kurds don't execute him.

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Yes, do an image search of this guy and he's standing in front of the 'ISIS' flag with an assault rifle and in other pictures he's standing with bearded guys doing the ISIS finger point thing. It's not really any wonder the Kurds have held him and surely he should have already been investigated by the Japanese, any other nations citizens doing that would be on some sort of watch list.

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