A rescue robot known as FUHGA is shown to the media at Kyoto University. Photo: Kyodo

Kyoto University demonstrates rescue robot


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That doesn't look very impressive. It looks like a high school project... I doubt the students at MIT would be able to keep a straight face watching that video. I certainly wouldn't count on it to save my life in a disaster zone.

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You call that a robot? In 2017? Really? Looks like it will fall apart any second.

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I want something creepy. Didn't some research demonstrate they can control a cockroach remotely? They can just mount a really small camera and RC the cockroach to look for survivors (besides using them as eavesdropping tools).

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You call that a robot? In 2017? Really? Looks like it will fall apart any second.

Indeed and I am 100% sure there is somebody who does remote control the toy that wire, nothing impressive...

in the meantime, the competition is doing this


or this


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Ithats a nice robot. It has 4 flexible belt wheels and an arm. I think its the best configuration concept for a robot. It could be improved with custom made parts and not off the shelves parts.

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With the risk of having my comment deleted as being non relevant.

I still think a small model will make great Christmas presents and give kids the knowledge to become future robotic researchers.

By making it in kit form and less complicated for assembly .

Making all components plug in .

Then follow up with a wall climbing tracked crane that climbs buildings for demolishing. which is very easy to design . both of which have space and Army possibilities.

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