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Kyushu Electric Power to scrap No. 2 reactor at Genkai nuclear plant


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Some local residents have sought to stop the operation of the Nos. 3 and 4 units with a temporary injunction, doubting safety measures taken there and citing the risk of volcanic eruptions in the region. 

Huh? It's pretty far from any active volcanoes. I would rather they shut they whole thing down, but volcanoes?

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France is exporting electricity, but here how much do you consume locally.

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Any NPP that uses enriched-uranium or reprocessed plutonium as its fuel that is mothballed, stopped or shut down is a good thing. If the NPP uses Thorium, that’s better, but fusion reactors are getting closer, which is even better.

@commanteer, yes, volcanoes:

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Cheaper to decommission No.2 reactor I guess, but it will still take 30 years and US 330 million they are estimating.

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