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Lady Gaga teacup fetches Y6.011 mil in Japan auction


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Reasonably Good Price considering Japan's Deflationary Economy.

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gaga is doing all this for just publicity. she's not even a proper role model.

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gaga is doing all this for just publicity. she's not even a proper role model.

What does she need to do? Go out there witht a broom & shovel?

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As long as people are going Gaga over Gaga, what's wrong with using that Gaga to aid charities? It's a lot more than a lot of other artists, movie stars, "talents,"comedians, politicians, company execs, business owners, regular people are doing...

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garo - if you would have donated at least 0.1% of what she did donate, you would have the right of an opinion. Until then, no...

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What does she need to do? Go out there witht a broom & shovel?

Just sing. ( and earn what it worth)

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In another 10 years: Gaga who?

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she's another industry frankenstein.

sells a lot o cosmetics i'd wager...

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Lady Gaga for World President !!!! When the aliens come to earth. I want her to be the spokeswoman.

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From the article:

The teacup was one of a number of items being sold to raise money for those affected by Japan's worst post-war calamity, and was the second most expensive lot.

If Gaga wants to give away charity to Japan, she should have auctioned her teacup abroad and not in Japan.

The money it fetched is a Japanese money, where is the help? The disaster took all the Japanese money away. The cup only could be sold because kind-hearted Japanese wanted to help other fellow Japanese. Sanctimonious attention and publicity seeker.

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Great job Gaga (but the photo is pretty scary).

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Sanctimonious?? Publicity seeking?? You what?? I beg to differ. Lady gaga maybe only a passing sensation but she has certainly donated more than many to tohoku!! She has given time and hard cash. I dare say that she was asked if the cup could be sold in Japan and would she endorse its sale under her name. If you pompous people want to see truly disgusting things then how about Ishihara, a local town mayor, butting into international politics and raising 75million in 5 days, why is that money not going to tohoku!! Are those donators showing their concern for their fellow man or just trying to start WWIII ? Before knocking lady gaga for an example of true compassion have a look at your own house first and be ashamed, oh so ashamed you should be. I am truely sickened to read the above comment. I'm ashamed of my race.

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