Landslide fears as typhoon churns toward Japan


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This one is doing a merry dance. Heavy rains in Kansai today. Hoping it will go back out to sea more?

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'churns' toward Tokyo? Wow! Someone has had their book of adjectives out!reminds me of butter or ice-cream.

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Oh n! That is a verb! Shouldn't post pasted

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Seems like it was meandering westward a bit, then began lollygagging around Okinawa. It now seems to be mincing north, preparing its flounce towards Kyushu - then, and only then, will it commence churning in earnest. Let's try to be a bit more accurate, JT.

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After whirling in the south like a confused dervish, the storm has leapt northeast with a menacing gaze toward Hokkaido. The rain is coming down like a piledriver on already sodden earth. The warning bells are ringing through the night like .... oh, never mind!

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Hmmm. Kinda strange, the typhoon just did a 'loop.'

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Stay safe, evacuate where nessassary, and dont take chances, time to baton down the hatches again

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The very heavy rain beating down on the roof woke me up early this morning.

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Just looked at the JMA. This thing is picking up speed. Could do a bounce off of Honshu and leave us safe.

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This is a good URL for watching a cam down at the beach in Shonan south of Tokyo. So if you are a surfer or interested in weather book mark it.

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At the moment it looks like its on a path to Tokyo, and dare I say it, Fukushima Daiichi?

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JapanGal/Zichi, its projected path is very narrow - there looks little chance of it veering off into the ocean.

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yokomoc: Very true, but the projected path a couple of days ago was a bee-line towards China, and it literally changed 90 degrees or more. If the high pressure system keeps up that pushed it North it could well veer out to the ocean. My guess is it will flood some of the mainland and lower islands first, if it does. Hard to say, though, as typhoon 16 (Solca?) has been going straight more or less for the past few days.

In any case, take care, people. Rain is nailing the Kinki region right now, and with Wakayama and Nara taking major hits with Talas, they need in particular to be careful.

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Laguna I wouldnt describe a Typhoon as mincing.... not to its face anyway.

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Smith, a couple of days ago it was still a directionless tropical storm faffing around in the ocean - the uncertainty in the projections were very large. Now with the speed it's moving at and the energy in the system there's not a lot any external forcing can do to change its direction, though I hope I'm wrong about that.

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