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Last evacuation center in Tohoku closes


The last evacuation center for people displaced by last year's March 11 disaster closed in Fukushima City on Thursday. All evacuation centers in the three disaster-hit prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate prefectures have now been closed.

The facility in Fukushima was a small hotel. Up to Thursday, only one evacuee -- a woman from Minamisoma -- was staying there, NTV reported.

After the disaster, the prefectural governments designated schools, gymnasiums, hotels and inns as evacuation shelters. Most facilities were closed by December as evacuees moved into temporary housing and leased accommodation.

In the first two months after the disaster, approximately 92,000 people were in 956 shelters in Fukushima Prefecture, according to NTV.

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I wonder how many of the 92,000 returned to Fukushima, and how many 'cut their loses' and moved on to build better lives elsewhere. I sincerely wish the best of luck to them all!

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best of luck to all of them. everyday i think of the people who were displaced and lost their some of their family, homes and businesses. i can`t believe it has been almost a year.

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Best of luck to all of them and I hope they are all able to rebuild their lives.

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I sincerely wish all these nuke refugees best of luck. But this announcement sounds to my hears like the "state of cold shut down" PR made earlier. Hope I'm wrong.

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I hope they thanked her for sacrificing her time and sanity so that the government could pursue more important projects than helping her, like damns they promised they did not need and would not build, or arming people for eco-terrorism in the Southern Seas. After they thank her for the sacrifice she made on behalf of their profit, I hope they gave her a place to go so she could start again, and was not told she couldn't get help doing so due to 'lack of funds' while they promise aid to so many nations and engage in so many wasteful projects.

Cheers to this woman.

"In the first two months after the disaster, approximately 92,000 people were in 956 shelters in Fukushima Prefecture, according to NTV."

How many still? And how many temporary houses could be bought with money they are wasting elsewhere?

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YuriOtani, Kudos tell them like it is, I hope someone at J Govt can read your post. nigelboy, my goodness

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And those who were not in the designated evacuee areas got no compensation. So many chose to stay because they were forced to by the govt. Leave and it is on your own responsibility, they were told. Some sent their kids to other prefectures while they stayed and endured both external and internal radiation via the food supply. We have to remain vigilant as those cockroaches who have helped to destroy lives and livelihoods go on to try and minimize the risks of living with nuclear power.

In Miyazaki and Nagasaki and a number of other places our network and others are helping to resettle or offer temporary stays to Fukushima families while the govt refuses to acknowledge the extend of the havoc they wreaked and that a large portion of Fukushima will never be recovered for habitation.

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