Last train line in Tohoku suspended by 2011 triple disaster fully reopens


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Good news for once and the radiation level will go down in time. Yet it will of course never reach zero. I will remind the readers of Boolean algebra. A Boolean curve never reaches zero.

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Not sure how useful this will be.

Not very useful for me but interesting. Thank you zichi.

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Ozeki ¥180?

We have an aristocrat.

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Living without a train line makes life just that more difficult. For ten years we lived in the Japan Alps. The nearest station was in Nagano City 50 kms away.

I'm sure the locals will be happy to once again to have a train. All locals are using cars for transport.

Radiation readings in Okuma remain high with hot spots higher than what is allowed.

But the areas outside the station are very restrictive.

The radiation near the station is 1.8-2.7 microsieverts per hour but in other parts of Okuma 7.3 microsievert per hour.

Not sure how useful this will be.

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That "sake in a carton" is well to be avoided, my man; "OZEKI" Y180 yen, am I right? Simply poisonous...a low-grade distillate and an ultimate headache. But I fully agree with you on the dried squid! Best with mayonnaise!

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Great memories of the Joban Line. Happoshu, chu-hai, sake in a carton with a straw, dried squid and old women carrying massive backpacks full of vegetables. One man gave me a can of happoshu and a small pack of rice crackers with peanuts. Top lad.

Good news for the people in this area in this pretty miserable time.

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Timing is bad. Not many people will be lining up to take it. Better, post-corona.

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