Last two Japan nuclear reactors can stay online


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So they can operate without meeting the new safety standards!? So, this new NRA is a load of BS?

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Don't forget, these new regulations were downgraded to guidelines and the power companies are not legally obliged to follow them cos there are no consequences for not adhering to them. It's like the bicycle helmet law. It's not really a law. It's an advisory!

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"...even without meeting strict new safety standards intended to prevent a repeat of the Fukushima disaster."

So much for the NRA having any credibility. Now if there's a disaster and/or scandal during this time, what are they going to say? they had no way of knowing? the plants were up to snuff and following protocols? Shou ga nai?

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Exactly, they really are doing everything to get a "2nd man-made disaster", they might really well get it

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

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It is sad, I really was prepared to give this new NRA credit for at lest trying to be a credible regulatory agency. Guess I was wrong.

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Laughable. Business as usual in Japan.

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This is laughable - and sad. So they just let them operate without meeting the standards until the next disaster, is that it? Not that it really surprises me. I think Einstein's quote, which someone made earlier, pretty much sums it up. Pathetic.

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I remember just recently a report that stated the Oi plant sat on active fault. However, all things considered, the whole country is an active fault and major quakes can and have happen in every area.

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Yippee! Maybe now we can get some relief on our electricity bills and even use our air conditioners on those really impossible days when more people die of heat stroke than radiation... (smirk, smirk)

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“not in the condition that would pose immediate safety concerns” even without being inspected under the new safety rules.

Not "even"... it's the reason. Don't ever check them, so you never get any worries. And after the accident, you can say in total good faith "we had no idea the control system's batteries were empty and that rats were eating the cords... no, we couldn't guess, we never went there to check... ".

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This is good example of Japan future. Not meeting safety standarts but setting up online. And after labeling any accidents as "man made". So fasten your seatbelts.

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