Lawyer continues 20-year campaign against nuclear power


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Kawai’s stance angers many in the powerful business community. Hiroshi Sato, a senior adviser at Kobe Steel, lambasted Kawai’s position as “emotional” and “unscientific.”

Here is an unemotional position based on science, risk management, probability and sound business then, Mr Sato. Get the nuclear power stations insured. If you can. Don't just rely on the taxpayer to bail out your ill-prepared butts next time.

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He sure is not an economist. A true economist will support for all nuclear plant to operate and maybe to build more despite the threat of terrorism.

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So do I !

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Give this man a gold medal for having the for site of poorly sited nuclear reactors and having them closed down He should be treated like a god, for his efforts of humanity for his fellow Japanese citizens

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Now here's a guy who I can get behind! Keep up the good fight, Kawai-san!!

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