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Leap year glitch disrupts driver license issuance in parts of Japan


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Maybe search better.

There are different articles around the world and not only about gas stations.

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@Albert @Gene Hennigh

It's acceptable if this glitch happened at small gas station however with government agency that handle millions of people, this kind of mistake is not acceptable.

Not until few years ago Japanese driving license finally using western calendar instead Japanese calendar system , so they might face challenge with leap year.


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Reads title, lmao.

Thanks for that.

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Japan supposed to be a high tech country that should be able to deal with such a minor thing that happens once in four years, every four years!!!!

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Some of you all are talking like this is programing 101. Datetimes are notoriously hard to deal with in programming. You have irregular months, irregular years, time zones, daylight savings, different date formats...

And then when you have unrelated system communicating, cross-system glitches can arise too.

It's unfortunate when these issues arise, but the people claiming that this should never have been a problem, or is an easy thing to deal with, are demonstrating they don't actually know what they're talking about.

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In the US some agencies also hiccup on the 29th. All over the world there are, and have been before computers were common, certain official business (government and others) problems because of it. Japan gets the knocks here because a lot of the commentators here don't like Japan. I hope they don't stumble into an area where it's a problem.

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FFS. Japan has been using the Gregorian calendar since 1873. Aside from 1900, there's been a leap year from 1876 onwards. Utterly useless!

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Today doesn’t exist. Today is the legal purge and no laws apply. Enjoy.

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This is not only Japan.

There are several so called glitches mentioned in different news articles around the world.

It is not needed to point the finger only Japan because you don't understand.

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You only had four years to prepare for something that only took a couple of hours to ‘almost’ fix.

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I kinda LMAO this morning when I heard on radio what happened in New Zealand:

Leap year glitch' shuts some New Zealand fuel pumps

By Lucy Craymer

February 29, 20241:10 PM GMT+10Updated 5 hours ago

WELLINGTON, Feb 29 (Reuters) - A number of New Zealand petrol pumps stopped working on Thursday due to a "leap year glitch" in payment software, fuel stations and the payment service provider said.

It is 2024. 24 years after the infamous Y2K bug and these still happens.

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Still using Windows 95 probably

I applaud your self-restraint to not immediately go for the customary "fax machine" joke.

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Still using Windows 95 probably

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Because we’ve never had a leap year before

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Bad programing at its finest...

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Japan can manufacture a great piece of hardware. But when it comes to software it is completely different story.

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2K again!

In that vein, is anyone preparing for 2038 yet, or is that still so far into the future that we ignore it until the last minute?

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2K again!

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Glitch? That just really show Japan Inc and JGovt's IT capabilities

From this news article it is really impossible to say who is responsible for the glitch. Or even whether anyone is responsible at all, it may well be a result of the interaction between two systems. A postmortem would be interesting, but I don't expect that we will get one.

Leap year has been around for two millennials and Japan still can't handle it?

You would be surprised, some people can't even spell it correctly.

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Leap year glitch disrupts driver license issuance in parts of Japan

Glitch? That just really show Japan Inc and JGovt's IT capabilities, even kids that learn to code in junior school or high school know how to handle leap year.

Leap year has been around for two millennials and Japan still can't handle it?

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