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Licensing system for dog, cat breeders sought in Japan


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It's about damn time that the government get involved in stopping this slaughter! Many places that are selling pups at stores here have gotten their animals from "greeders" who care little for the health and welfare of the animals they are breeding.

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It is a good step in the right direction, offering facts, making the information known. Asking for animal protection from neglect and cruelty isn't so radical is it?

One can only dream of a situation like the one in Phoenix Arizona, where the only animals in pet shops may be rescues.


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Finally, something I can get on board with.

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Sure wished they had sold a mute dog to my neighbors.

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Good on her for getting involved in this in a big way.

Such legislation is way, way overdue.

Of course there are "respectable" people in the pet business, but the pet industry really needs the proverbial bomb under it and start from scratch or near to scratch.

And pet owners attitudes are as much of the problem as unscrupulous operators.

Kawaii is ok for dolls.

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"Because pets are sold so casually, they are abandoned casually,"

Spot on. Sold casually, but for an arm and a leg might i add. 300000 yen for a cat 500000 yen for a dog. People go to the shoppingmall where these poor animals are locked up in a glass box. Poor animals are being displayed like circusanimals in front of hundreds of people.

We got ours at the shelter. Everyone should get a pet from the shelter.

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California too, forward thinking on this:


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19million children 14 or under. 21million dogs. Saw a cat for ¥560000 at a shopping mall last week, without tax and vaccination fees.

Dogs should be bought from breeders, not shopping centers.

In my area I know 3 people with rescue dogs. They were free. 2 were found abandoned in the mountains near here.

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I got our dog at ARK, an animal rescue shelter in Osaka. I highly recommend them, They have a web page and you can see what dogs are available. Many people travel far distances to adopt their animals.

In order to adopt, you first must pass an interview. The staff listened very carefully to our situation and recommended our dog to us. He is an older dog, whose first owner died. and he is a perfect fit to our family.

This is what they say about pet shop dogs... many times they are cast offs from breeders, they keep the best dogs to themselves to sell. they are taken away from their mother and siblings too young which results in bad immunity and poor social skills, which result psychologically damaged adults and also prone to health issues.

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Such an old and 'wonderful culture' and after all this time this is where japan stands regarding animal welfare.

one would be forgiven for thinking something doesnt add up.

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Sure wished they had sold a mute dog to my neighbors.

Maybe you should have wished for a neighbor who knew how to properly take care of their dog. I never blame the dog for their actions, it's their human's that are the problem.

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Are there any controls over dangerous dog breeds being kept by people ?

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Are there any controls over dangerous dog breeds being kept by people ?

Few people here keep "dangerous" breeds, much is due to the culture.

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