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Local gov't ordinance in Kagawa aims to limit kids' time on internet, video games


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They have the good intentions for sure, as it is a problem, but an ordinance is NOT the answer! Particularly when they themselves use the devices that they are trying to put a limit on kids for.

It's a hypocritical response to a problem that needs to be dealt with through education!

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Perhaps wait until school starts back up?

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Taro Yamada, a House of Councillors member well-versed in the impact of internet usage and freedom of speech, criticized the ordinance as "nonsense," saying it only targets usage time and does not account for how integrated and essential digital devices have become in children's lives.

I would add, how digital devices have become essential in children's lives "and their education".

With schools going online, and a lack of digital skills in kids in Japan vs other G7 countries, kids should spend more time online not less! Anyone heard about how gamification improves learning? Here is a video game for kids which helps them learn how to prepare for an emergency! It is also motivating and education for kids to make their own educational video games!

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Now is not the time.

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More info here too

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This law is ridiculous. While I believe we should limit the time of children who spend way too much time on games and social media, passing a law that is unenforceable is just a waste of time and resources. What will they do? Walk around to every home and check how long you've played games or used the internet? Will they punish parents that can't fully comply and subject families to penalties or worst and negatively affect a family dynamic? Something like this creates more problems than solutions.

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In my experience, Japanese schools and authorities have a big problem with manga, video games and the Internet. School teachers, however, frequently refer to stuff off tv, and if kids don't watch tv, they don't get the joke or understand why they are having to do a certain song with a certain dance in their PE lesson. I have a much bigger problem with Japanese tv than with manga and the stuff my kids watch on Youtube. Japanese tv teaches every woman that their job is to sit there and say "so desu ne" while a man is talking.

Some of the kids whose Internet time is limited with do all their homework, probably overtrain at the sports club they go to, and go to juku on the top. They will then get hassle for playing Mario or watching Youtube for thirty minutes. This from helicopter parents who do zero exercise or self-improvement themselves.

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1/ This can't, and won't be enforced.

2/ Good luck enforcing it during Coronavirus social isolation...

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They need an ordnance that limits juku time and homework time; that is what is killing childhood in Japan.

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We’re running away from problems rather than going forward toward solutions. Make Japan intelligent again could be a motto.

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What will they do?

1) Read books

2) Visit museums

3) Exercise

4) Arts and crafts

and many others.

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Restricting information strikes me as being unconstitutional.

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They need an ordnance that limits juku time and homework time; that is what is killing childhood in Japan.

The juku system isn't the main problem. It's the school system. A system that caters to the lowest level student will always be inadequate to properly prepare children for their cram exams that they need to get to the next level. The fact that students can't learn what's necessary to get into the schools of their choice in their regular school systems is a travesty. I would prefer them doing away with regular school and just send the child to juku because they genuinely learn more there than in their regular schools.

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