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Local gov'ts plan to use AI to rate seriousness of bullying cases


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Don't need to waste money on AI dealing with bullying. Never have. Train the teachers better and use the money for more useful things for the schools.

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AI AI AI..... great! soon we won't need people at all..... (⌒▽⌒)

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Every time I mention school bulling, I get a defensive response saying not in our school. With that in mind, who is going to enter the data in to the AI system???

As far as I know there isn't a single school in the world that doesn't have a bulling problem!!!

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Right now, "AI" is a buzzword that must be inserted into any grant application to get funding. What they are probably actually talking about is a "database" of bullying reports and an automated way of ranking these reports. This sounds like a simple (and good) idea dressed up in fancy words for the government.

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Anything to avoid responsibility.

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Many teachers are very panicky when they have to deal with bullies. They'd rather see the victim of the bullying transfer to another school without dealing with the bullies. Many teachers prefer quiet victims who keep their pain to themselves.

Train the teachers better.

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This is good if it improves things, but is also an admission that the schools and BoE don't know what they are doing regarding bullying. We have encountered this ourselves as parents, but there are no strategies, no training, no playbook, no flowcharts, no anything. It's up to the discretion of the individual teachers and schools. The role of the homeroom teacher in particular is huge, and its a lottery whether you get a competent one.

My nonartificial intelligence tells me all bullying is 100% serious.

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AI lacks empathy...

But wait, so do a lot of the teachers and school administrators...

Maybe that's where the battle starts.

Try and imagine how it feels to have your life made miserable daily by those who act with impunity,

and those in charge turn a blind eye.

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AI is not the answer. Teaching our children to properly communicate their emotions and thoughts as well as training people to better understand these aspects of children are a much better method that will serve the children better for a long time. AI may have its benefits on certain things; however, human to human interactions are better for understanding feelings and getting people to open up.

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Beep beep beep we have calculated that you have not yet bullied enough. Try again later.

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School bullying has long been a concern in Japan, 

and what actually happened for that long time? Nothing. So now instead of responsibility which should have happened a long time ago AI...I would argue teachers are artificially intelligent if they are incapable for a long time addressing the students and their own bullying. Pathetic .

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The issue requires EI, not AI.

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You are addicted to AI. Look around.

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Given that AI doesn't actually exist (yet), I'd say that's in line with Japan's non-existent seriousness on the topic.

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