Local residents celebrate Mt Fuji's World Heritage status


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now all they have to do is clean up the rubbish dump its become. im guessing the 7000yen climbing fee will help cover that, if anybodys crazy enough to pay that much.

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it's about time.

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“I am glad that Fuji-san is something special,”

Mt. Fuji always has been and always will be something special -- it doesn't need international recognition for you to feel that, and you don't need to define your own thoughts through those of others. It smacks of utter lack of self-confidence.

I'm glad Mt. Fuji got the status as opposed to all the other hundreds of local sites Japanese seem to want internationally recognized, because it'll raise the standards of upkeep and cleaning on and around the mountain. Sure, it'll now cost an arm and a leg to climb it, and you have to pay to use a disgusting public toilet, but if that's the cost of maintaining its beauty, so be it.

JeffLee: "Why is the Heritage listing so crucial? Doesn't Fuji get enough recognition as it is?"

Exactly what I was talking about. Japanese pride seems often only to exist through the eyes of others. You like something they did or that belong within Japanese borders and their chests swell up with pride and there's talk of greatness, etc. You criticize something they did or within Japan's borders and suddenly it's an "attack on culture" or "you cannot understand because you are not Japanese" comments come out as denial or embarrassment take over. Mt. Fuji is indeed special, and none of that changes because of this new label slapped on it -- but mark my words this is all you're going to hear about for weeks, as though the people speaking had anything to do with the status or Fuji itself.

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Rey 'erupted wit joy'?

Life must be exciting looking at Fuji San everyday eh?

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It's good to see a former tip can make it to a list, if only the sinking islands in the pacific etc. could gain the same before they are lost to the changing environment.

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...................Sensationalism,.. That's all...!


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So glad I climbed it years ago already, before the hordes become even bigger hordes!

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You should live in Kofu to experience how it really looks. Amazing...

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Why all the buzz? This was the top news story on NHK yesterday. Why is the Heritage listing so crucial? Doesn't Fuji get enough recognition as it is?

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