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Longest living dolphin in captivity dies at aquarium

By Handout

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"under human care" (ー△ー;)

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Yay, humanity.

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Broke the captivity record, not something I'd be boasting about.

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Rip. Free at last. We are horrible beings. Japanese, specially, can be mean and cruel in this aspect.

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In prison for life, freed in death. It amazes me how Japanese show pride in stories like this and the elephant Hanako. When a woman recommemd the zookeeper’s book on Hanako’s life, saying she was so moved she cried, I asked if it had details of the extreme abuse and misery of her life, and the woman furiously defended it until she couldn’t refute the facts, then just said, “You can’t understand.”

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Just a reminder on the cruelty humans can deliver to other species!

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She lived 3times longer than she would have done in the wild.

Ditto for Pets, domesticated animals live longer and get better care Vs the wild where sickness equals death. Tough choice live free and wild but die young or the other option.

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Her cute behaviour

Well, that's the main thing.

It would be nice to hear less 'Kawaii' and more 'Kawaisou' in these cases.

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How long do you think you could survive in the wild sans medical and other things that keep you safe and healthy?den no no up.

Few crusaders I have met were keen to live/survive sans modern technology, etc.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Pacent . At least they would be free! They are very intelligent. How would you feel being locked up away from your natural surroundings. I would rather have a shorter happy life, and I'm sure Nana would have too!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Intelligence is the fallacy, squids, etc been proven to have higher intelligence.

Dolphins use 90% of their Intelligence/brain power for sonar analyses.

Big brain is NOT a sign of intelligence, true for humans too.

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Humans are intelligent and supposedly the top.

Yet, we kill other humans, change the environment, drive other species into extinction, etc.

Very intelligent for sure as we humans carry the seed that drives us into oblivion.

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Life sentence in jail, for..Being a dolphin

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