Love boat: Valentine's Day on a quarantine cruise

By Sara Hussein and Richard Carter

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Bad headline, making light of a very serious situation.

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Love boat? Oh please. This people are scared they will die from a contagious virus. The head line writers are trying too hard.

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But the coronavirus has also ripped some couples apart for Valentine's Day, including at least one on their honeymoon.

Kent Frasure was forced to say goodbye to his partner Rebecca, who has contracted the virus and is now in isolation in hospital.

"We said 'goodbye, see each other later' and gave each other a hug. We didn't have a goodbye kiss because we didn't really know what was going on," Kent told CNBC. "Then I watched her walk down the hallway, turn the corner and then she was gone."

I hope their story ends a happy one!

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C'mon, it's not appropriated to express the headline of this column like this. It isn't Hollywood movies where Titanic disaster or transformation of passenger to be a zombie all of them will be due to infection. I worked on board of ships several times and I think a word can explain, it's "resort" what has couple of meanings.

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♪♪ The love boat soon will be making another run.

The love boat promises "something" for everyone ♪♪

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Stop the BS propaganda that the boat is actually a nice place to be, I wouldn't wish my worse enemy on it. Japan is trying to gloss this over as a romantic extended holiday when it is a quarantine!

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Maybe it's just me, but the daily articles about this cruise ship are getting rather tedious!

Everyone in the entire world who watches any news about this virus are aware of the situation, and there is no need to romanticize it either!

This virus is a deadly serious issue!

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"Don't kiss me!"

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This headline and article made me want to throw up. Its a disgusting piece of Japanese propaganda. They are adding insult to injury. This whole article sounds to me like they’re making fun of those victims.

Calling this quarantine ship A love boat is basically the Japanese news agencies rubbing those poor people’s faces into their plight.

Anyone watching international news knows that the people on the ship's (as well as the international commmunity’s) criticism of Japan is mounting over its handling of this situation. And the Japanese news agencies are stupid enough to poke fun at their plight by calling it a love boat? Seriously??

Here's what the people on the boat are REALLY saying. Thank you BBC

this headline and article is just disgusting. Very offensive.

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If Premier Shinzo Abe was able to quickly convert the Izumo to become an aircraft carrier then why not make it a temporary hospital ship for the passengers of the Diamond Princess?

In parallel while the USA have no problem sending aircraft carriers anywhere for military purposes it's da-kine incredible that President Trump didn't let the USNS Mercy rescue the American passengers treated as virtual zombies who are now exposed to the new coronavirus !

It's so sad that the dehumanization of mankind makes this Valentine's Day another Day of Infamy!

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