Low-level radioactive waste stored at research facility may leak


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Japan sure has a lot of difficultly handling nuclear-related issues. It's somewhat ironic given how we hear ad nauseam about Japan being the only country to be nuked.

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Shouldn’t the problem have been addressed when it was discovered?

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I fear for my little boys future. And japan.

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They were aware of the problem in 1987? Are they aware it's now 2018 nearly 2019. And they are sort of thinking about maybe, perhaps deciding to form a panel of experts who will maybe, perhaps make a non binding resolution to get the publics understanding and refrain from discussing this issue in a public forum. While perhaps ensuring the locals are not given access to iodine tablets as that would cause confusion and be an admittance of decades of "we have no idea what we are doing"

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...and the beat goes on...

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This brings up the question of where Japan’s nuclear can be stored.

Well, since the country has a very thin crust and is prone to earthquakes then it is obvious that there is no hole deep enough nor safe enough for storage!

The Japanese have a penchant for incinerating it but then it finds a vector back into the environment.

Foolhardy indeed...

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