Luggage falls out of a bus on the Nagoya Expressway on Thursday. Photo: YOUTUBE

Luggage falls out of bus on Nagoya Expressway


Luggage fell out of a tour bus while it was driving along the Nagoya Expressway in Aichi Prefecture on Thursday.

According to police, cars driving behind the bus noticed luggage spilling out of the bus at around 1:20 p.m., Fuji TV reported. Several cars had to veer out of the path off the suitcases but no one was hurt.

The bus stopped and passengers helped retrieve the luggage.

A spokesperson for the bus operator said that somehow the door to the baggage storage space opened and at least 10 items tumbled out onto the road.

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Opps, this has happened to me as well. I drive tour busses in New Zealand and I had a Tour from Japan and the luggage door opened and 4 pieces of baggage came out. A following car picked them up for me. The first I knew this had happened was when the following car flashed the headlights of his car.

Very embarrassing indeed.

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Interesting that anyone even noticed.

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Somehow the door to the baggage storage space opened = Somehow someone didn't close it properly.

Or the latch got worn down, and popped from the vibrations of driving on the highway. Or whatever.

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Express delivery!

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Somehow the door to the baggage storage space opened = Somehow someone didn't close it properly.

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wtf, the driver hopefully is in jail , fired and a hefty compensation to passengers...

picking up items on highway ffs

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@Speed. Definitely! That was a law suit waiting to happen.

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And this makes the NATIONAL “News”?

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I think it was pretty dangerous having passengers retrieve their luggage on the expressway.

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